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Hair stylists ????

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Just curious..>I know I should google this, but I feel like being a nin-compoop on TCS.

Anyhoo, my hairstylist is yet again pregnant and now working as I found out 1 day a week with very limited appointments. I've always tipped her what I thought was the norm - 20%. She always did a good job, but I think I'm a little too demanding for her schedule (I say this because I wait until I can't take my hair anymore and expect an appointment for the end of the week). Yes I'm a brat. I've tried to change, but it just never happened.

Anyhoo, since I'm going on to a new stylist, is it really 15-20% for the tip? Even if I pay say $40+ for the haircut? Just curious.
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Ive never payed tipp
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Depends how muh you love the haircut. I enver tip the first time for a new stylist but if i like the cut and go to them again I tip the next time.
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I've started going to a new girl here since I've moved here (I used to drive home the 2 hours JUST to get my hair cut ) but now that I've found a wonderful girl here - my haircuts are usually $18 - so I just give her $20 for my haircuts, usually more than that too - she does a great job and I totally appreciate finding someone here that I can do my hair! (I am SO picky!)
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Well, I love my hairstylist. And she knows it. Because I seen her in a bar one night after getting my hair done, And I think I may have professed my love for her a little more than needed. lol.

But I always tip her 8-10 dollars. I just always thought that was the norm. What is it really? When Im ina good mood, she gets like 10 bucks for sure. Otherwise, it's just like 7 or eight. I guess I need "tipping class" because I never know. And think I may be putting too many dollars in others pockets for nothin. That's ok though, I LOVE it when people tip me good for no reason while waitressing. Makes my day.
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I don't know what I should be tipping my stylist either. Its been a yr since I started having my hair colored/highlighted. THis is a high end salon and expensive to begin with. So the total bill can be $100 with the cut/color/eyebrow wax before tip and and products!!!
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waiter or waitress 15% of bill. 20% If it is a 4 star + restaurant or for large parties.
headwaiter / maitre d' $20 - $100 or more depending on the occassion, the restaurant, your frequency, and of course, whether you like to be taken good care of or not
owner none
wine steward 15% of wine bill
bartender 10-15% of bar bill
busboy none
servers at counter 15% of bill
coat check attendant $1 for one or two coats
rest room attendant 50 cents to $1
car park attendant $1
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This one even is more info
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I always tip my stylist at least 20%
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My stylist gets tipped an additional 15% of the total bill (so it varies) and I always tip the shampoo girl as well about $2.
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I do not have alot of money to begin with I only tip 10% no matter where I go. One person people always forget to tip is the housekeeper who cleans up after them in a hotel. I tip $1 a bed. We usually use 2 beds so I leave a dollar on the pillow of each bed.
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Guess I'm the cheapskate here - my haircuts cost $11.95 and I tip $2. This seems reasonable to me. Back in the days when I got perms, I tipped $10 for a $30 perm (tells you how long its been since I got a perm).
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I just wasn't sure! I know that most hairstylists get about 25% of the total bill (so if the bill is $40, the stylist gets $10 for cutting your hair). It may vary by salon. But yea, this salon was always weird about tipping. I would pay by credit card since I rarely carry cash on me anymore, but they wouldn't leave room on the receipt for tipping. So then I'd have to ask them to include the tip in the charge, but then they'd give me cash back and I'd have to go back and give it to the stylist. And half the time my stylist would be on to the next customer. To me it is not customer friendly...mainly because I feel like I'm butting in on the next customer or if she wasn't done shampooing, I'm randomly leaving cash at her station.

Maybe if I go somewhere else its better...or jsut pay in cash in general.
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When I started going to my stylist, I always tipped her at least 15%, usually more. (She's fantastic!) However, when she bought the salon, she refused my tips, because, according to etiquette, the owner doesn't accept tips.
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I always figure a good rule of thumb for tipping in general is 15% if you are satisfied, up to 20% for really good service. My demands of my stylist are pretty minimal, but she listens and does what I ask, she does it fast, and I can usually get exactly the appointment I want, without having to call eons in advance. She usually gets close to 20%.
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