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OK...I'm not sure- *dumb question*

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I do know that you guys are having trouble with TCS & are working on it and all, and I'm glad for that thanks, but I was just wondering - I know this is a dumb question; the forum description says "no question is too dumb" well I think this question IS too dumb
...But anyways has TCS been down A LOT for everyone? Most of the time I try to come on it's down, and I know this has be happening for everybody, but, well...I don't know....Because right when I come back on, right when it is up for me again, there are like 15 or 20 people already here . . . ?

Could someone please explain this to me??
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Hi Patty!
It isn't a dumb question. The site has been exactly the same for me. I think those 15 people who are all ready here then you log on are the ones who keep clicking refresh and sending all those pm's MA was speaking about on the other thread Just kidding of course, but yes this has been the same for me.

You were also correct when you mentioned they are working on it. They are doing everything they can to get us back up and running quickly.

Thank you MA and thank you "techie guys" who are out there unseen
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Yes, I've been having the same problems, since about Friday I think. Sometimes I can get on, and sometimes I can't. When I can get on, it's usually very slow. I know they're working on it. I'm grateful that it's not completely down, like that time when we didn't have TCS for a couple of weeks or so.
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The past few days I usually can't get on the site, when I can Its usually only allowing me to read a few post really slow them I can't do anything. I'm sure its the same for everyone. I really miss being able to check in and read all the post.
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Just so you know, our techs are working to do everything possible with as little shutting down as possible. They've been working really hard at it and have probably had the least sleep out of any of us. Again, we can't stamp an accurate measure of time when they will be done their work, but they are doing their very best.
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Thanks!!! I know I'm going to withdrawls myself here!
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Oh ok thanks everybody.

Originally Posted by sweetiecat3
I do know that you guys are having trouble with TCS & are working on it and all, and I'm glad for that thanks,...
^^^^I know, I do recognize that they're all working very hard ^^^^

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There where numerous problems on the old server which after fixing would resulting in yet another problem.

So we decided to move to a better datacenter and also with better filtering and it has now resolved any server issues.

We are caching pages and have optimized all querys to get optimum performance from TheCatSite and none of you should receive any page loading issues now.

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Whoo hoo look at the speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks guys!!!
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Great job, great job, GREAT JOB! All you tech-y people deserve a huge pat on the back, you are awesome! Thanks so much for fixing all the problems, it's great!
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