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What do you do when there is no TCS?

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I have been fairly productive while the forum is undergoing maintenance. I have been cleaning the house, doing laundry, making more signatures, paying bills, catching up on mail, and spending some time with Abby.

System downtime isn't always bad

What have you been doing with your extra time?
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Productive? Me? Pfft yah right

Well I have been making siggys....But mostly I've been going on other pet forums and desperately trying to find on google a really big fun friendly cat forum like TCS I know, The Cat Site's the only one like that and I can hardly come on lately!

I know admins are really trying hard to fix it though and I applaud them for that thanks everyone

I love this place
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Ive been too busy in the last few days, but i do get annoyed when i have free time that tcs ISNT WORKING!!!!!!!!
i have to check my updates with kaylee and teufel, ive saved all pictures

I feel sorry for the moderators who have to work so hard to get the site going *hugs them all*
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Originally Posted by sweetiecat3
I've been going on other pet forums and desperately trying to find on google a really big fun friendly cat forum like TCS
You know, I tried that too, and all I found was rude people with snotty attitudes (just from reading a couple of posts). This site is the best!

In answer to the question... what have I been doing? Going nuts! LOL

Yesterday I thought "what did I do before I found TCS?" Strange that it is so addicting.

I would say I've been getting more done at work, but right now we are SO SLOW due to the weather here, there isn't anything to do.
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I just go to the Rat Forum I'm part of and play there until I can get TCS to work!!
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I curl up in a ball and suck my thumb. The cats point and laugh at me as I do it, then I feel silly and go do other things.
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No, I cleaned the haybarn, cleaned the tack room, did the laundry, cleaned the house. Wrote some letters- really wrote them in long hand! And received my latest products to review http://www.sturdiproducts.com/home.php?cat=249

They are awesome! My cats are all over them- the car-go- the Show-Shelter Pop-Up- portable litterpan and large sturdi carrying bag-

Plus I stay by the computer to keep up with what's going on with recovery-
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I actually study. Like I'm supposed to be doing!
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I've been getting work done AT WORK! Who knew that was supposed to happen!?

I've been sad too - I've missed everyone & their kitties!
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I've been so exhausted (work has been one whirlwind day after another the past few weeks) that all I can do is sleep!
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This was actually a good time for me..I haven't been going through TCS withdrawl too badly...I've been so super busy!. I've been going into sensory overload!!!, I went to a mall today! got myself a new pair of pants and a couple of tank tops and a new sweater...(I love shopping) Tomorrow I am going to the gown shop to try on a bunch of dresses including the one I have posted pics of in the "Soon to be Wed" thread...I have every intention of choosing a dress tomorrow and I will be sure to post some pics!
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The usual things and been checking in on TCS reguarly
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I keep checking to see if the sites up. I have a bad cold so have been resting not doing much at all. And I also play cat tails the sim type cat breeding game.
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Well, I am so happy it's finally back up. I was sad. Even though it's slow, I can still get my "TCS fix"

Anyhow, No, I suppose I clean with no TCS. I also drank and cleaned. Which I still cant figure out is better or not.
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pull my hair out!!! I'm nearly bald now!!!
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Sat in the corner, picking my nose and twiddling my thumbs!
No...not really...just kidding. I`ve been sewing baby clothes for my new great grandson, Skyler. I`m having a baby shower for him in March...so i`ve also been working on the decorations and planning for that too.
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I've definitely been missing TCS, but I have been out more, which is probably "good" for me. I've been out to see a couple of films in the past week, have been keeping up with household chores, bought some new plants, a covered litter container, and might be getting another kitty! Also been out to the gym a couple of times, and doctor appointments. Busy!
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got a new small job and read most of it s study stuff...
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Well we bought a new Fridge and Washer/Dryer so we have been
setting them up and caught up on laundry & house work
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When I couldn't get TCS to do anything, I went to Dogster.com. I have a page for Peekaboo there. It's a nice forum, but it's just not the same as here. Otherwise, I just watched more TV. Plus my wife's been sick so I've done a little more around the house.
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Peekaboo is a cutie
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I cleaned like a fiend this weekend...the entire place. I did laundry, dishes, baked a pie. Watched movies.

Who knew there were so many hours in a day?

Ah, the "Upside of Downtime".

But I'm more than thrilled that it's back up and running!
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Originally Posted by clixpix
But I'm more than thrilled that it's back up and running!
I know, it's like going through withdrawal. I should be in bed, but can't stop posting!
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Going crazy!
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I did real work at the office
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While I was at work I actually worked and at home I was forced to communicate with my boyfriend
Haha only joking MARK (he pops on here from time to time so I need to CMA).
Really I was a jibbering wreck and I'm still getting over it now.
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I was sort of productive. I worked on bills. Seeing how soon we could get all caught up after Christmas and how soom we would be able to afford a new car realistically. And I did some of my real office work although i am not finished. It makes me dread the summer when I know I will be really busy.
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I actually got some work done, so now I won't be stressing out as deadline approaches!
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Since I don't have a computer at home and only get to go on TCS at work, I was very productive at work- no trying to cram in a whole days worth of work into 2 hrs LOL I definitiely missed it though!
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Catching up on some dvd's, as well as all the shows that my dvr has been recording while I was sitting here on TCS!

Working again for a local fire protection association, too.

I suppose it's all productive, but I miss everyone and their furbabies!
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