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Who Does The Most In Your Household?

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Today my coworkers and I were talking about who does the majority of housechores in our households. Who does it in yours?
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Me! Mom chief cook and bottle washer. Hubby does do dishes often which is a big help and helps with the cooking..
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I do everything inside the house. The yard and pool are his responsibility. We both work full time and I also have 3 classes this semester.
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I live alone but I am a neat freak and keep my place scrupulously clean. Therefore, I do it all!!
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I do most of the work, but he does help out if I pout!

And he does all the outside stuff!
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I do ALL of the work. I work 4 days, he works 5.

I also mow the lawn (about an acre, but I'll admit, that's because I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to lawn mowing).

I will admit that he will help out a lot if we are having company, and he does his share of the cooking. He will help if I ask (or nag ) - but in general, I do it all.
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Originally Posted by CommonOddity042
Today my coworkers and I were talking about who does the majority of housechores in our households. Who does it in yours?
i dont do much housework,i dont get a chance,the other half beats me to it

ps happy birthday
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I suspect you'd get a different answer depending on who you talked to. We both do stuff around the house...I personally feel that I do the lion's share, but I think he'd disagree with that.

We both work full time jobs. We have a cleaning service that comes every other week to do the bulk of the heavy cleaning.

He takes out the garbage, does the grocery shopping, cleans the kitty boxes (only because he criticized how I was doing it...so now it's his job) and the laundry (until he gets tired of doing it...then I end up finishing it up). If it snows, he cleans the driveway and sidewalks. In the summer, he mows the lawn.

I do the cooking, dishes, finish the laundry, do any other shopping that can't be bought at the grocery store, vacuum between cleanings, do any other stuff that needs to be done between cleaning service visits, and pick up the house before the service comes. In the summer, I clean the pool.
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Hubby is enjoying his second spell of early retirement at the moment, so he is home and I work. Hubby does all the housework and cooks the meals. We both enjoy working in the garden, although hubby does the lawns and takes care of the car.

When we were both working, we shared the cleaning, although hubby did the cooking then too.
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Originally Posted by hedgysforever
i dont do much housework,i dont get a chance,the other half beats me to it

ps happy birthday

thank you!
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant
I live alone but I am a neat freak and keep my place scrupulously clean. Therefore, I do it all!!
That's why I do all the inside work. To give him a bit of credit, he used to try to help me. But I never felt like it was done well enough and would go right behind him and do it all over again.

Him and his friends pick on me and tell me I am OCD about it, and maybe I am, but I like having a clean, organized house. It is also important to me that it smells good.
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Um excuse me i live with my mum and dad :P

My mother does not clean my room, its my responsability, but if i dont keep it tidy they will soo complain and wont leave me alone!
I do help out with the dishes and bathroom
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I do most of the day to day stuff we both work but he cooks each night and is pritty good at doing the washing to so it is all good works out the way it dose mainly because of our working hours he helps me heaps on weekends to
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John & I are really good @ sharing the chores around the house. I love when I come home from work and the apartment is all clean, he knows the way to my heart!
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We split the chores up pretty evenly. I do all the cleaning (floors, bathroom, washing dishes, clothes) that kind of thing...where Jeff does the cooking and shovelling and garbage.
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I have a husband who doesn't recognize dirt until it can support major agricultural life. When I ask him to do something he does, but after all these years of marriage, I'm tired of having to ask the same thing over and over. So I do virtually all of the indoor work and he more often than not takes out the garbage and mows the lawn. Time factor is about my 16 hours to his 3 each week.
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I have 3 jobs, a two year old, and my boyfriend. I clean everything, all the time. I have to. That's all I can really say about that.
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since i dont live with my boyfriend i am still kinda interested in how that will go. i think we work together well when it comes to cleaning up his apartment. he loves for me to help him, but when we're at my apt its hard to get him to be as willing to help as he wants me to be. i dont really mind cleaning up after him, but after 4 years, that can only last so much longer, right?
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Since my job ended in Sept I have done (hmmm like when I was working) the majority of the work. Except I don't mow the lawn as we have a commercial mower and it scares me. He does the snow removal stuff too but we haven't had much of that this winter either. HOWEVER now that I am actively working on my business and trying to find clients I told him things are going to have to change!!
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I do most of the housework
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Not me for sure!
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Oh Max, for sure. It's a constant bone of contention between us, because I am messy and lazy, and he is messy (less, though) and motivated!!

He gets a bit mad when I come home from work, dash straight into the bedroom and jump on TCS. I'm not allowed to do that anymore until I've done my `jobs'

None of the poll options matched us, so I didn't vote. We both work, but he does more anyway!
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Me! I moan about that, but then also if Mark were to clean the bathroom I'd moan it wasn't right so really he can't win. He occasionally does the dishes but he makes such a meal of it that I prefer just to do it. I hoover every single day, do laundry 3 or more times a week, clean the bathroom twice a week. Aswell as all the dishes, I could come in from work and the kitchen has gone from it's morning spotlessness to looking like we havent washed up for a week, so Ill tidy up and then later in the evening its filthy again, I dont know how it happens. Maybe because nobody uses a cup more than once lol.
Although I lost the plot last week a bit because I had visitors coming and I then came back from the gym to find the kitchen SPOTLESS. So I can't complain. I do have high standards when it comes to cleanliness but I'm proud of it, I just wish others could keep up
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I just despair over this still prevailing attitude that whenever men do something around the house it's `helping' - ie, it's our job really but they are nice enough to help with it.

Not so!!

Max does the jobs that need doing, because they need doing. If anything, when I do something it's more like ME helping HIM!!
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I didn't vote because none of the posts match us. Anyway, I do the housework and cooking. He takes care of the yard. We have three acres so that is quite a yard in the summertime. If I ask, he will fold clothes and help me with other jobs inside, but I usually don't ask unless I feel bad.
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I feel kinda bad after my post, I did forget to mention that Mark does 99% of the cooking because I could burn water.
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well, i picked the last choice, because i live alone. but those of you who have seen the videos & pix from my house know that it is always messy!
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Ha! All you ladies whos guys help out a lot are so lucky! I clean the house, do the dishes, cook the dinner, do the grocery shopping, do the laundry, pay the bills, clean the cat box, feed the cat, all the inside work is mine. He does the outside stuff except we have very little grass, no pool to clean. I am getting more of the bad deal here than i thought!

Wait until I get home. All of that is going to have to change. Lee isnt going to know what hit him.

Come to think of it I asked him to clean up the kitchen while i cleaned the rest of the house... the kitchen still isnt cleaned!
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I do everything at my house. It's just me the cats and the fish. However it still gets messy all the time. The boys shed like it's going out of style and track cat litter everywhere. But I wouldn't trade them for the world.
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i do all the housework i dont work and he does so its only fair
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