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Just as the title suggested I need help(Not that you guys already didn't realize that:tounge2: ). See I never did graduate from high school. I know I know it was stupid but at the time I was more concerned about my social life rather than studying for school.

So anyway I've decided to get my GED and it's been a while since I was last in school(almost 4 years) and I need to know how I go about studying for the test and for those of you who have taken it what can I expect.

Also how long should I study for? What subjects should I concentrate on?

Any insight will be a big help!!
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I know that there are some books that you can get a any decent book store or even the library that will tell you exactly what the test covers as well as study help. I'm sure you could do a search on the internet at Amazon or Barnes & Noble to get titles and reviews.

From what I understand from a couple friends who took it (granted this was years ago that they took it), it is more based on common knowledge and real life stuff than the book stuff from school. I'm sure you won't have a problem with it - you've always come across as very intelligent!
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It will be in the test prep section at the book store, with the ones for the SAT and all that stuff. You can probably get it from the library.

But I looked for some free sites (might as well do it online for free, eh?) and this is what I found:

4 Tests
American Council on Education
Free Ed

And the free-ed one says at the bottom on the left that the course IS free, so hopefully that will work for you.

Good luck!
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Most areas have Adult Education places. Here, one can go to the community college: they have a GED prep course. Twenty-five years ago, I didn't even study or prep and I passed in the 90th percentile.
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GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!
I am proud of you for doing this!
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Yeah !!!!!!!! Wow that is wonderful - I am sure you'll do very well - you sound determined!
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Good for you! My best friend just took the GED test earlier this year. She went to the community college and took some general GED classes (english, constitution, math, etc.) Then the test was spread over 2 days. (4 hours one day and 4 hours the next). She said that it really wasn't that hard and that most of it was common sense. Good luck!
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Good luck getting your GED, you will have to let us know how it goes! I will send up good thoughts for you, and I'm sure you will do fine!
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