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Multi-Cat Diet Question - looking for advice

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We have two 13 year old cats (Rufus and Minnie) and we just got (last week) two younger cats: Mister Guy, approximate age 2 years (porch stray) and Mercedes, age 6 months. Rufus is hyperthyroid (on medication -- ear ointment) and has slightly dicey kidneys. All the rest are in good health, though Minnie is a trifle overweight.

Before we brought the younger cats in, we'd been free-feeding RC active mature 28 and IAMS adult active maturity dry (switched to the RC 28 based on the health and nutrition article on this site suggesting it was better for CRF cats: they love it but still snack on the IAMS). We had tried the indoor-only IAMS but found it was too lowfat for our cats. We also give 1/2 can twice a day of the 3 oz Fancy Feast wet catfood (various types, mostly turkey and chicken varieties).

When we brought Mister Guy in, he eats the dry food (seems to prefer the IAMS) and some wet catfood. Mercedes is currently sequestered, as she just arrived on Sunday, and she's eating dry Purina One kitten food (what her fosterer fed her) and I've started her on twice a day half-cans of Science Diet kitten food, which she loves.

Once they're all together, what the heck do I feed them to maintain optimal health in them all? I'd like to keep free-feeding the dry as it makes life easier when we go away for a day or two (longer than that and we have a cat sitter in). Mercedes' foster mother recommended keeping her on the Purina One kitten food for another 2 months.

With regard to the dry food, is there any food that would be good for all of them? Should I just put down three different bowls of dry and not sweat which cat eats from which bowl? Are the "mature" formulation foods enough nutrition for a kitten and a 2 year old? If I only feed one type of dry food, can/should I keep Mercedes going on the canned kitten food for the requisite 2 months?

I'd also like any recommendations for a quality wet food. What's the general opinion on Science Diet? I'm not wedded to continuing the Fancy Feast. We did try ALL of the prescription wet cat foods for Rufus and he hates them all -- is there a better way to get him to eat the prescription diet? I can of course buy separate wet cat foods for each of the cats, though the larger cans are problematic. Refrigerated wet cat food, even when warmed in the microwave, tends to be met with total disdain in this house (not that our cats are spoiled or anything.)

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Linda C.
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Read the rc 28 bag it is likely okay for adult maintence....

You may want to look into all stage food s

I dont personally use anything with by products grd corn or chemical presvatives... all are in most SD products...

Personally i would give canned food exclusively ... works well with many crf kitties and would make it easier on you than multiple formula drys... Pm me if I can answer any ??s
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wet food all-around would be a good way to go, but that would require you giving out kitten/senior wet foods. I agree that an all stages dry would probably be your best bet. My cats turned their noses up at felidae, but absolutely love the innova evo.
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I would recommend a very high quality canned food. Science Diet does not meet that criteria - it is mostly by-products and corn. Nutro is an acceptable option, as are foods such as Innova, Felidae, California Natural, Pet Guard, Chicken Soup, Merrick, and other foods that are made with high quality ingredients. The only super premium food I would avoid under these circumstances is Innova EVO. I'm not sure I really think protein in the diet plays a huge role in feline CRF but EVO is very high in protein and I personally don't see a reason to test out the theory in this way! A 6 month old kitten can eat adult maintenance food as a primary diet since she is done with most of her significant growth and development.

A cat with CRF should not eat dry food at all, ideally. If you must give it then be very, very sparing with it. Dry food causes dehydration which will accelerate the deterioration of his kidneys.
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I wouldnt use evo though now my crf girl is on raw and canned... 90 % raw ten canned... quality vs quanity...

A very good and I believe all stage can is california natural .... pro pac makes some good cans... the only specific stage I use regularly is Nutrowhich they like three flavors..
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Thank you everyone very much for your replies! I'll go look for some of the better brands mentioned here for my kitties.

Linda C.
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