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help - what type of cats do i have

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hello can anyone help me in telling what breed of cats i have. i have 3 of them and here the links for the pictures
but would be delighted if anyone could tell me what they are as i haven't got a clue!!!!
thanks very much in advance. i know they are very common though!!!

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all domestic short hair. A lot of folks on here will tell you if your unsure of the parents then they are all domestic ( insert fur length here).
Cute kitties though!
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The two I can see look like good old domestic shorthairs, or DSH for short. If you don't know the parentage of a cat, and don't have papers indicating that they are a purebred, then you've got a DSH.
I have two DSH'es myself, and I can't imagine having any other kind! Both of mine were rescues...how did you acquire yours? If they are shelter cats, rescues, or were strays, then chances are they are DSH.
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DSH brown tabby & white. there are multiple tabby patterns, & i can't see enough of his/her coat to make a determination. you can see all the tabby patterns here.

DSH - possible a van pattern - is his/her tail black also? there's info on the van pattern on the above mentioned website.

DSH black
there ya go!
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The above post sounds correct to me.
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Spot on - three domesitc shorthairs - one golden tabby(from the picture, could be the flash!) with white, one black - though I'd guess that your second picture is also a silver tabby with a much higher percentage of white, if of course those darker patches are patterned. That's how they'd be described in our shelter, at least.
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Well, I would say you have 3 beautiful precious kitties!
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Yup, they are of the feline variety. Just kidding.

They are 3 beautiful DSH's for sure. I love the markings on the white one. Very pretty.
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They are BEAUTIFUL ones...that`s what type they are! :-)
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I love the markings on the white one! I have three white cats, one pure white and two with little grey smudges on their heads. I have never seen such definite markings as yours though. The black one is lovely too. In fact, they are all gorgeous DHS cats!
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such cute kitties!!!

I love the markings on the white kitty!
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