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Tuesday's DT

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Since I see no one else started it I figured I might as well.

I brought my dog into work with me today for her 2nd mange treatment. Her hair is growing back a little and she seems to be in good spirits so I'm hopefull.

It was so nice out today! I love spring time! I can't wait for the trees to get back their leaves so everything won't look so bare.

Last night I found a deer tick on our loveseat!! I stuck it in the ashtray and burnt it. I hate ticks. Lyme diease is a big problem here on the Cape and I'm very worried about it. I'm staying out of the woods now untill tick season dies down a bit. I also worry about my dogs getting it but at least they're vaccinated against it and I apply the frontline to them every month.

Not much else going on here, just waiting for dinner to be done. Have a good night all!!
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Just call me stupid and I'll answer. I posted all about our record breaking high temperature on Monday's thread! My husband came out and put an air conditioner in the living room window for me. Can you imagine? This is April. Well, I love warm weather, and the 80's are ffine, but not in the house!
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Wow, I guess there wasn't a DT yet!

I only have 1/2 hour left of work to suffer through. Really ssssslllllooooowwww today which makes the day drag on and on and on...

Hubby probably has to work tonight so I actually get some alone time - yeah! I love him and all, but I am one of those people that has to have some down time with no one else around. Since he hasn't had any hours at Toys R Us in the past 2 weeks and his DJing moved to Saturday when I can go with him, I haven't had my alone time for quite a while. I usually just end up zoning on the TV and snuggling with Trent (who also likes it when Daddy is gone cuz he gets Mommy all to himself!).

Hope everyone had a more exciting day than I did and a great night to come!
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It has been cold here today! Where did Spring go? I have lost my husband to a HAM radio kit.......LOL He is building it from scratch and I guess loving every minute of it. I told him he better not start wearing those goofy hats and going to hamfests! Used to be model railroads, oh well, he puts up with my love for animals so I am sure I can survive this.

It looks nasty outside and class has been cancelled, so I am inside all nice and warm and not going to do anymore homework for awhile.
Looking forward to NYPD Blue later, and right now am half listening to Judge Judy..Love that woman! She takes NO prisoners!
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It's been warm here yesterday and today with temperatures in the 80's. I love it, I have gotten all my yard work done in the last several days, including getting the garden ready.

This has been a good day at work too. This is going to sound really horrible, but for the last three years we have been putting up with the Supervisor from Hell . Today our department head told us that the supervisor is quitting, and he had this really big smile on his face!!!! Her last day is May 10th and her replacement can only be an improvement!!!!
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Home from work. Got e-mail, from ex's cyber-slut: he was in ICU (of course, that's MY fault) I called hospital. It couldn't have been too bad, he's, already out. He had his heart attack at 50 (five years ago) doesn't watch his diet and is engaging in God-knows-what with that piece of trash that he picked up off the Internet. Paybacks are a b@#$% and so am I!
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Have an interview at a temp agency Thursday so I got my hair cut today. I probably haven't cut it in about a year. She literally took 8 or 10 inches off. Sounds extreme, but I used to keep it this short until Jim decided there wasn't money for me to get it cut regularly. It's past my chin in front, so you can imagine how long and heavy and just plain hot it was. I also look 15 years younger. I'm not kidding. It's amazing. If I can get manicure and pedicure (not this week, but if they hire me and I get paid maybe), I'll begin to feel like myself again.

Had a tornado touch down here in Arlington today. I heard the sirens but didn't even see the funnel cloud, I guess it didn't come near us. Of course I have kid tv on - not letting the little one out if it's going to tornado! - so I don't know any more than that. Sunny and pleasant now, though, so I guess it's passed. Dawn, are you okay?

Cindy, I hear you about the ex's new "friend". I still think of Jim's "roommate" as "Slut-drea" (her given name is Andrea) and I probably always will.
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