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How to control pet hair in the house? Links?

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I realize this question must be asked often on here, so if you have some good links, I'd love for somebody to post them for me... Otherwise, here's my question:

I have 2 kittens, about 1/2 yr old. They are not from the same litter. One doesn't shed a thing, hardly, while the other one now has started to really shed a lot. Hopefully it's just a stage, but I didn't think they went through a shedding stage right now. And funny that only one sheds... That makes me believe she's gonna be one of those cats that constantly shed alot???

Anyway, she's mostly white, a little bit Siamese looking. So her hair shows on our clothes etc. Today I found our master bed completely covered with hair; she'd obviously played up on it.

How do I prevent all this hair, or is there nothing to do but to clean it up? She's on good kitten food, called Nutro natural kitten something... So I beleve they get the nutrition they need.

How do you clean it up, or keep it from getting all over? Just old fashioned vaccuming etc.?

It seems as if I brush her, more keeps on coming. Is that all in my mind? I mean, does it really help to brush cats?

I'd love any input!
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sounds like you havent adjusted to the fact that its not your house anymore
keeping kitties 'fur'niture clean, i use rubber gloves to get the hair off,they're brill,and they come off really easy

gosh ive just realised this little icon is sarcastic.i thought it meant pondering.
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Ha, Ha , Ha!!! I suggest buying a white comforter, so it matches the cat hair! And I just got a Roomba..an automatic vacuum. I love it. Get lots of those sticky tape rollers to get the hair off the bed and your clothes. (I even found some at the dollar store!)

Mostly, the hair doesn't bother me so much unless it is in the food. Congrats on your kitties. Good luck with the hair!
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Brushing definitely helps. I brush mine twice a day. I use a Zoom Groom. It gets a lot of hair off. And for the furniture, I recently purchased one of these http://www.petsmart.com/global/produ...=1138737127360
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Try a zoom groom... and Nutro has lots of omega 6 for the coat but I found that my younger one needs more I give a oil supplement to her..
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