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Harness recommendations?

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Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a specific brand of harnesses? Is one better than the other? Or are they all the same? Thanks for your input.
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I can't remember the brand, but I tried both the figure-8 type and the H-type -- I recommend the H-type. It is more secure, particularly if you have an active wiggle worm baby.

The H-type has a band in the collar area and a band behind the front legs and then connector straps between the two bands; you need to adjust both the collar and the chest bands. The figure-8 is a teeny bit easier to put on initially cuz there is only one band to adjust, but it is inherently less secure.

Have fun outside!
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I agree with Maui on getting the H type harness. The figure 8 ones seem too flimsy.

Carefully test the tightness of the harness. I was able to test mine by putting it on the cat, then holding on to it as kitty tried to back out of it . I found that if the harness wasn't tight enough, he could just come out of the whole thing! You want to be sure that your cat won't be able to escape if he tries to pull away if he is startled by something.

For cats that don't take well to collars and harnesses, I find it useful to put the harness on for a little bit each day to let the cat get used to it. Some cats don't mind, but others act like you've attached a 10 lb weight to them .
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Thank you Maui and Vikki!

We haven't purchased the harnesses yet but will surely keep in mind everything you've both suggested.

I'm looking forward to taking my babies on careful adventures...I hope they will be excited too!

Thanks again.
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using a harness on Jinxy, cuz he's an indoor kidden and Jakes' an outdoor kidden - he's sad when he can't come out to the garden w/us - How did you train them to accept the harness? I would love to try, but I don't wanna flip him out
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I can only share the method that worked for me and hope it works for you. If there is a Petsmart near you, take your kitty to petsmart and fit her with a harness that pulls from the chest, not the throat. That is the first step.You should fit the harness so you can insert two fingers between the harness and the cat so it is not to tight. Also make sure the leash is light and has a good clasp.

Now just go home and put kitty inside the house. Leave the harness out where the cat can see it. By the water bowl, the food dish, the place where kitty lays. Let kitty get accustomed to seeing it. In the next day or so take a special treat, something kitty does not get much of and something kitty dearly loves. Put the harness on, give treat to kitty, praise kitty to the skies and take harness off. Do this a couple of times in a two week period until kitty just loves that harness. Then just let him walk around with the harness, if he feels distracted or unhappy, divert his attention with his toys and food until he acts like it is no big deal to have this thing on.

Now put the leash on and let kitty drag this around. Watch closely because the leash can get caught on things, but just let kitty drag the leash until that seems comfortable. Once this has been accomplished and kitty seems comfortable you are ready for the scary outdoors.

Harness kitty and pick up the leash and call to your cat to see if kitty will follow you out-of-doors. Kitty will not hang by your side like a dog so allow for that and just once you are out there follow kitty around in an area you want him to walk in but don't jerk the leash or pull. If the cat goes to end of the leash, just go over and scoop the kitty up and bring him back to the area you want him in.

When we lived in Alaska I had this wonderful calico Smudge. We did a lot of traveling in our motor home and Smudge always came with us. I used this method to get her used to the harness and she was a delight to take out of doors with it on. There are for sure easier ways to acquaint a cat with a harness, but this is the most stress-free way I found. I bought a book on it and followed it and am referring to the book now to help you. Good luck- it is a great adventure for an indoor kitty to be out on a harness.

Oh and here is the book should you want to get it. It is really excellent and I refer to it a lot How to Get Your Cat to do What You Want by Warren Eckstein.
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I really feel bad for poor Jinxy - he meows and meows and claws my screens (then I don't feel bad anymore:tounge2: ). Jake is an outdoor cat and he gardens w/me and the door to the house is right there - I know he want's to come out and I know he would be good once he got used to it so I'm gonna try it! Thanks!
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I use the 8 harness's. I've only had a problem with them once but it was my fault.
If your cat is well adjusted to the outdoors an 8 harness should be fine. Most the time if your paying attention you can catch them before they have enough time to wiggle out of any harness.

A lot of it deals with knowing whats going to flip them out, and how well you fit the harness to them.
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