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I tried SweetScoop and I hated it. I couldn't wait to get it out of the house. The smell was awful to me and I thought the dust from it was awful too. When it was used it was a mess.

Right now I use Everclean for my adults and plain clay with kittens.
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I used to use Swheat scoop and I didn't really like it either. Instead of round easy to scoop clumps, I'd get these flat huge pancake shaped things glued to the bottom of the box, and you had to peel them off because they were soft. Smelled awful too.
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I just got Swheat Scoop and have not had any problems with it being too dusty. Matter of fact I never did see any dust come up from it when I poured it into the box. Now as for the smell there still isn't any, and that is pretty good in my household. :-) Though I also like the sounds of the WBCL. I like that you can put it in your garden, rather then having to flush it.
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Though I've not personally used SS, I have a friend that does, and her house just REAKS!! I never understand why she continues using it when it smells so bad. I really recommend using Feline Pine Pellets, but you have to switch it very gradually...that's the key. No, they won't use it if you just switch on over completely. It has a different smell, different texture. You have to start small and slow with it...but I TOTALLY recommend it. It's GREAT for odor, great on the budget, you can even use it in your compost pile! Also has a low dust factor.

But like I said, you have to switch SLOWLY, and it helps to have a scooper with wider holes. But it's WORTH IT.

Oh, another thing I forgot to mention...the friend of mine that uses SS has I think four cats, and maybe three boxes. Might be a factor...lol. I think the worse thing about the situation is the fact that one of them sits RIGHT NEXT TO the guest bathroom's toilet (and I mean, your leg touches it while you're on the toilet) and smells AWEFUL!! It's in the bathroom guests use the most often because it's right on the first floor and right by the dining room. BLECH!! Makes it difficult for me to go smelling that the whole time...I literally have to hold my breath!
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Well I cleaned out the boy's box yesterday, and it didn't smell too bad. Just kind of strange, different kind of smell. And since I put baking soda on the bottom of their pan every time I use any cat litter. I didn't have a problem getting it up. But the thing I want to know is since it is sort of like the WBCL can I use this one also in my garden? I would prefer to do that then flush it. We don't have that great of a toilet. It likes to back up too much. Oh and wouldn't the pee and poo be too strong for the garden? I mean whenever you put compost onto the garden, it generally is older stuff. So as not to burn the plants you are putting it on.
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I hated Swheat Scoop. Angelo didn't mind it, but to me, it had a sickly sweet smell to it--almost like vomit. And it traveled into the rest of the apartment.

After trying World's Best, Swheat Scoop, and Feline Pine, I settled on Feline Pine. It completely eliminates the urine smell. However, it doesn't cover the poop smell that well, but that's the trade-off with any of these.
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I found that Swheat scoop doesn’t last very long before it starts to smell real bad. I am quite surprised that it is still on the market, since it doesn't work that great... As for feline Pine my guy Bingzy didn't care for it, and went potty on my couch. He likes to be able to paw the pebbles that you get with normal scoopable cat litter.
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Actually I really like the swheat scoop, but my dogs like to eat it, and it seems my cats don't care for it much because they hardly ever use it. i won't be using it again, along with I will never use Arm and Hammer again! It doesn't work very well at all!
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I just used the last of the Swheat scoop in our litter maid. I wont be getting that stuff again. When the litter maid trys to scoop it into the bin, the pee just gets all mushed up in the tines. That is so annoying, it then just pushes what hasn’t been used into the bin, and onto the floor. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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I actually really like Swheat Scoop. Though, I could see it being an issue if I had more than one cat. As long as you make sure there is enought litter in the pan, I find there is no problem with smell/tracking/dust (and I use a covered litterbox). Also, I would never put any of the litters down the toilet. I wouldn't trust them to keep by drainage pipes or septic system running well.

I tried Worlds Best but Nakita's paws had a bad reaction to the litter and they started to scab.
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