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Flight 93

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Is anyone else watching? or planning on watching this special on A&E?
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I forgot it was on so I'm TIVO-ing it tonight!
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We don't have TIVO. I wish. I missed the 9pm show, but it's showing again at 1am so I think I'll watch it then... insomniac that I am.
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I am avoiding it...I don't think I have the emotional resolve to watch it, so I admire you guys! I just remember exactly how I felt when the real thing happened and I never want to have to feel like that again (even though I know I will probably have to at some point in my life)

Plus, I'm terrified of planes and I don't see watching that helping me much
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It was very good. Very emotional..but very good.
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I would have liked to watch it...but I missed it
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I started watching it today but haven't finished and it brings back sooooo manyy memories. I remember how I felt the moment I knew what was happening. It's sad
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I watched it as I was doing things around the house, however, I remember stopping in my tracks as it was very riveting. By the end of the movie, I was crying and couldn't stop. Not only did it make me sad to think what those people must have endured those last few moments of their lives, but it brought pain back from when my sister passed away (completely unrelated, but death is very hard on me)..
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It was on again tonight guess i am a sucker for punishment..i watched it again
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Watching it right now. Can't even imagine........

I'm sure this is one of those things (like the assassination of Kennedy) that everyone remembers where they were when this event took place.
For me - I was in Lake Champlain, VT with my boyfriend of 8 years. I will never forget it as long as I live because my boyfriend flew back and forth from Logan to San Fran once a week on business. He called me Monday night September 10th and said he decided he wasn't going to San Fran this week and did I want to go on vacation instead (his parents stay in vermont for 2 weeks every September). He was scheduled for an 8 am flight out of Logan on Tuesday Sept 11th - not a direct flight - he had a one stop through Chicago, but that was close enough for both of us. He hasn't flown since.
As for where we were - in the cabin in Vermont with no phones, no tv, no radio. We went into Burlington shopping that day around 9ish and couldn't believe what we were hearing and seeing - all over the radio, TV, people talking. It was like another war of the worlds.
Where was everyone else??
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It was a very good movie -- I couldn't keep my eyes away, and it takes a LOT for me to maintain any degree of concentration these days.

I too remember the day clearly. I work in one of the largest office towers in Toronto, and we had to evacuate due to a possible terrorist strike on the financial district in Toronto. Not to mention I had just arrived back from New York (Manhattan) a few days before. It was a close call, and had I been in NYC when the towers fell, I likely wouldn't have been able to get back home for many days and would have been subject to all the trajedy. A number of Canadians who were on business in NYC were killed in the twin tower terrorist attacks as well.
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I always wondered when they were going to make a movie for flight 93. I thought it was a really gripping story and I hope it reminds people of why the war on terrorism must continue.
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I remember where i was to. Actually..its a scary story to tell..the summer of 2001 i was at the girlscout camp i worked at, after camp was over i planned to go to NYC to see my friend there. Two other girls, from overseas planned to go with me. we went by bus. I was supposed to stay in NYC til sept 12th, my friend worked in the WTC we ate breakfast everymorning at 8am there...

roughly about a week before Sept 11th..i got this sudden unshakeable need to go home. just needed to go home. and be with my i went home.

my friends from overseas, also went home early..

and my friend that worked in the WTC..made a doctors appointment, that she wouldnt have made if i was there...for Sept 11th...

wakeing up to the news on tv on Sept 11th...i couldnt help but cry, and pray..there was a reason I went home early. and that..was it.
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WOW! That is scary! Someone was looking out for you

I was in 11th grade US History(ironically) and towards the end our principal told our teacher to turn on the TV. That is all we did in every class the rest of the day.

I watched the end of the movie by the way and BAWLED! I am so emotional about stuff like that. Trav said the picture they were showing when they dedicated the movie at the end is what it looks like today. When he was working in Pittsburgh, he worked on the memorial project. He said there is wore around the trees and the place where it hit, well there's just a void. Very sad
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That movie made me cry as well. Especially the woman who had the copy of "what to expect when you're expecting" and how she was comforting the girl sitting next to her. I can't even imagine how many lives those brave people saved by sacrificing themselves. There must be a special place in heaven for them.
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I was at work at my old job as a case manager for elderly people. One of my co-workers told me a plane just hit the world trade center. I didn't think of terrorists right away. I was thinking, okay some small plane didn't know what they were doing and brushed it. Everyone had the radio on, and eventually the only TV- which only got the spanish channel but had the news coverage. Then we heard two planes, which we couldn't believe. A co-worker called his dtr in new york who confirmed it. Then I heard one lady shout "oh my god they got the pentagon!" We watched the second tower fall on TV.
I had scheduled two home visits that day, which I chose to go to despite the events, to get out of the office and the climate. One clt, an italian lady who left her country during WWII pronounced to me "this means war". I also had an clt who was going back to Ireland the next day to visit call me to inform that she had to cancel her plans. All in all, it was a day I'll never forget.
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I watched a documentary on Flight 93 the other day. I wouldn't call it a movie. It was heart breaking.
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The families of the victims on flight 93 are on Larry King Live right now.

I saw this post going around a little while back, but had no idea flight 93 was the one the terrorists took over. I would like to have seen it. I would've bawled my eyes out I'm sure.

As far as where was I when it happened....I was sleeping and my daughter and her boyfriend had stayed the night in the living room. My friend Wendy called and the answering machine picked up. She left a startling message that we were at war and to get up. Jenny came rushing into our bedroom and repeated what she said and we turned on the tv and I called her. We sat watching as the towers fell and it was like watching a movie. Like this could never happen in real life. I watched it all day and cried so much over and over. That night I remember being afraid to go to sleep. I felt like something more was going to happen and maybe there would be no waking up tomorrow. That lasted for days.
I hope to GOD we never have to experience anything like that again.
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