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My poor baby girl!

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She had been acting kind of sick since Fri Morning. Has been throwing up / diarrhea / not eating. She went downhill Sat., and so, emergency after-hours trip to the vet for her! I found some weird thing in her litterbox, and no one knows what it could be . He said she is pretty much okay aside from these symptoms. She got sub-cutaneous (?) fluids and now she looks like a little footballer! Awww. Also a shot to help her tummy and now we give her pills for it too. (wish us luck on pilling the cat) Also on a GI special diet for a week. Poor poor baby! We got home and she started eating a bit, is acting happier in general. The vet is not sure of the cause, but said it may be something weird she got into or else maybe picked up a little kitten illness from the spay clinic.

She still feels icky though!! Please send her some little kitty hugs and get well thought cards! And help her giggle at the fluid balls she has on her arms to help hydrate her! She looks so funny walking around with these goobers in her armpits like little saddlebags

Zissou says Thank You All in advance (or would, if she spoke)

Oh, and may I say that spending an entire weekend cleaning up cat vomit and diarrhea is extremely frustrating!!! I'm sure you all know how I feel! She pooped on my lap yesterday. I felt so bad for her because I know she was embarrased. She seems to be getting better, and is acting happier though.
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Thanks for beeing such a good mom - it's hard when you feel so helpless.

Sending lots of healing prayers and please give your little princess plenty of huggs and kissed for me!!!
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If there are bubbles in her diarrhea ask the vet to check for salmonella
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get well soon zissou
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Your poor baby! Hope she feels better real soon.
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Give her yogart or asadophilis for her diarrhea. Keep her on it for about a month and it will clear It up.

My Panther - not quite 2 years - gets diarrhea every once in awile and yogart is the ONLY thing that cures it. Slippery Elm Bark in a syrup will coat queezy intestines and so will pepcid (1/4 tablet) Good luck!
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Thank you!!!

She feels all better since yesterday, and has been eating to make up for it. Actually, she reaaaaly didn't like the special GI diet that she was on, and wasn't eating it at all either. Since getting back on her regular food she's been fine, and we are pros at pilling her. I didn't give her anything else because the vet gave her meds and so did we... Plus, it started out when she ate a teeny bit of cream cheese. But its all better now. I think she got something when she got spayed, like a little kitty flu maybe or as hissy said salmonella, but I don't know what "bubbly" would be? She's current on all her shots.
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