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I'm seeing Stars!

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Hey everyone!! it's Star!! he was a brave boy today with Simba at the vets for his vaccinations!!!!! I bought them a little toy for being so good and doing mummy so proud!! the vet told me there coats are so shiney and there in abouslte tip top shape!! i'm a very proud mummy.

Hey mum why are you pointing that thing at me AGAIN??

Hmmm I wonder where Mummy is hehe....

Hey Missymummy!! wanna play??

Ouch, take that as a no!


Awww come back Mummy!!

Now what should I do?

I know, I'll go for a nap!
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Awww..such sweet pictures!!!
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I have always thought Star was gorgeous! Thanks for the share!
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Both such beautiful kits! Thanks for sharing them with us!
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I love Star's little face! And that nose! Thanks for sharing!
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Awwww how cute are they!!!

For a minute there i thought i saw Sophie!
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Great pictures and captions, Claire!

Missy and Star are just adorable! Even when they are having a bit of a wrestle!!

Missy really does look like Willow, Sophie and Chris' Megan!!
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Brilliant pics
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Great pics! I love your siggy btw!
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Thanks so much everyone. He's a card isn't he? his facial expressinos are priceless. he's the little jester, he makes me smile, makes my heart melt sometimes, he'll just drop a toy mouse on my foot, an sit there purring. i'll post some moer pictures soon!
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All of your kitties are beautiful but Stars markings are so interesting.
I'm in love with Star.
Great pictures
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