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Now I would like some advice!

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Went in and talked again to my advisor. I am seriously considering changing my course of studies to Child & Family Studies. I am finding in the medical classes that learning the terminology and stuff is such a struggle. (never used to be though) I am doing poorly grade-wise (again a first for me) and feel like I would be short-changing a future employer if I stayed in this field. I can't imagine being in a medical office and having one of these clusters of headaches hit me and incapacitate me for hours at a time! Not fair to whoever hires me.

If I change to C&FS it would enable me to work with developmentally disadvanged children, would also allow me to work in the schools and in social services and I could also transfer to a 4 year university (about an hours drive from me) after I get my Associates. So I am just thinking out loud at this point.......would appreciate anything anyone wants to kick in to say negative or positive.
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As long as that is something that you think you would enjoy doing, I would have to say - Go for it! You know the old saying - If you do something you truly enjoy you will never work a day in your life.

This may be sick and wrong, but at least if you got one of those killer headaches in a medical office they could give you good drugs!
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I say GO FOR IT! You shouldn't continue studying something that you don't really want to do or aren't doing good at. I look at it as a waste of time and besides, you could be doing something alot better that would make you happier.

Just my 2 cents.
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Hissy, you should definitely change your field of study if you aren't happy with your current studies.

Working with children and families can be rewarding. I have some friends who own a daycare, and a friend who has been a special education teacher for years. They all love their work.

On the other hand, a friend of mine who studied for her PhD in Psychology and did counseling work decided that it wasn't quite the field for her. She worked for Social Services while she was in school. She said that she was constantly behind in her work and that she would try to take up the slack in the office because she said almost nothing got done because of red tape and non-comitted employees. She worked in North Carolina and Pennsylvania Social Services. She is a very conscientious worker and got completely stressed out and burned out.The last job she had was in drug and alcohol abuse counseling -with teens. She said she finally realized that it might not be the job for her when she had to stay in the bathroom with teenage girls while they gave urine samples! Seriously, the real kicker was that she felt like she wasn't really making a difference because of the failings of 'the system.'
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I say go for it, too!!! I think you would be very good at that!
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Here's a thought:

I've been a social work major, and we were required to do several internships. Maybe you can take some kind of class that's required either way (English or psych or something) and do an internship. That way you could try out working in the field without committing to the education.

I'm afraid I don't remember what your original major is.

Even though you are struggling, if you are really motivated to pursue your original choice, there is an old joke:

What do you call the guy who graduates last in his class at medical school?


The guy at the top is good at academics, but that doesn't make him a good doctor. So you don't have to be at the top of your class to be good at what you do. But if you have no aptitude for it at all, then you might want to rethink it. Don't give up, don't settle for something else because you're having a bad time, but know when to cut your losses.

Not that you need my advice! I'm sure you will make the right decision.
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My major is English and I appreciate all the advice! I think basically I should stay my course and not change. I would hate to think that I am a quitter and am leaving something because it is hard. That is not my style. My instructor was just telling me that only the top of the class will be recruited for jobs in the local hospitals and doctor's offices, right now I am middleline. I will just have to work three times as hard and be twice as good in the end. Thanks for letting me work this out in my head here..
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It can be very rewarding to work with children. However at times it can be the most difficult job, especially if you are working with children in trauma. There is a fine line between being empathatic enough for the job, yet hard enough not to let the job get to you. I volunteer with needy children at I have to hold myself back from trying to "fix" everything or being a "rescuer". It is difficult for me at times seeing children suffering and just doing my "job". I always put more in the I probably should (according to the hubby) but I feel kids and animals need extra protection. If you feel that you can balance the heartache with the joy of working with kids then I feel there is nothing more rewarding in my experience!
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Go for it. If you think you will do better academically, and it is something you can see yourself truly enjoying, then I say good luck, and have a blast!!!
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