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Poor little girl

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I wasn't there, but we got a new cat in to the shelter on Saturday. Apparently this woman walked in our front door with a carrier in hand (an all too often sight). Opend the door, shook the cat out & ran out the door. She's such a sweet little cat, I can't imagine doing that to an animal. People wonder why our waiting list is so long. This type of stuff (insert appropriate swear word) is exactly why. We keep getting them left at the door, so how do we ever have the cage space left for the people on the waiting list? I was so mad when I heard about it, but I guess it's better she's at a no kill shelter than at domestic animal control.
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i would like to get the woman who did this to her pet and ......
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i am happy in the knowledge that this woman and people like her will get their just payback eventually!!
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Just thought I'd let everyone know, this sweet little girl got adopted into a new home last week. It's a good one & her new Mom has begun volunteering with us. She took at least 36 pictures in the first 4 or 5 days, so she is in love with her
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That's great news. I'm so glad this little one got the wonderful home she derserves.
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aww little sweetie she deserves a good home.

when i read about the bad treatment animals endure ,it makes my day when i hear of a 'happy ending'
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Pity this little cat....but I believe that one day, the lady will get from God 4 what have she done 2 this little cat. ........God will blessing the cat with a good home
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Thank you for letting us know that the sweet little girl kitty found a happy home! What wonderful news! I just pray that all over the world, this happy ending gets repeated over & over. When I went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I was shocked at how many cats were in the Humane Society shelter.....some of the cats had been there for years! The volunteers were doing their best for the cats, but there were so many, and the cages were so small....heartbreaking, just simply heartbreaking...
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What a wonderful ending to a heartless story.
Thank you for sharing.
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Hey sorry I just read this post right now. Did anyone run after her and get her license plate number? At the shelter I worked at, if we could get the plate number, the humane officer would go after the person. Or they would call the police and report them. We were only able to actually get the plate number once or twice. Once the humane officer pulled in right as someone was tying a puppy to the front post. Another time, a security camera picked it up.

Just a thought, I don't know if all shelters would do that or just the ones I worked at...
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I just saw this thread too. I'm soooo glad this precious kitty is now in a good home. And I agree that people who just drop their pets off like they were garbage (or something) should be reported to the police!!! If you can't take the responsibility of caring for a pet, you have no business adopting one!
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