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Pain Meds after Spaying?

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My vet asked me if I want pain meds after spaying. The girls go in next week for Spaying. No vet in all my years of cat ownership has ever asked me that question when I have had a cat spayed. So my question is are they safe? Should I get them. I hate to give the girls unecessary drugs but if they need them then I am all for it. What do you guys think?
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As a vet tech, I would definitely would rec pain meds. Spaying(a complete hysterectomy) is a relatively painful procedure. Even though cats are more tolerant of pain than most of us, a few days(3-4 is what my clinic Rx's) will be appreciated by your girls. I'm sure your vet does a bunch of these, and while every pet reacts differently to meds, they should be fine. Torbugesic and Buprenorphine are common Rx's and are well tolerated. Cats have a hard time metabolizing asprin and tylenol and other OTC's are absolute no-no's.
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Mama had them for 1 day after. I would suggest getting them and then if your kitties don't react well to them you can always take them off of it.
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Boogs and Gracie were both just spayed in December. I didn't get pain meds. My vet was comfortable with waiting and seeing if they needed it. Which, they didn't seem like they did.

I know it isn't always obvious when an animal is in pain, and I know sometimes they hide it, but we had a very hard time keeping those two quiet (and not jumping etc) from the minute they got out of the carrier.
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I just opt for the shot. They give it right before the cat comes home. It has always worked and doesn't require additional medication once the cat is home.
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20 years ago veterinarians believed that animals did not feel pain the same way people do. Now we know different. Studies have actually proven that animals recover and heal faster with pain meds than they do without. We always give an injection that lasts for 24 hours, it is not an option. Take-home meds are left up to the discretion of the pet owner when it comes to spay and neuter.
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my cat got a pain shot before they sent her home and she was amazingly active. never seemed in pain at all and now 6 days later she is doing spectacularly. except for the hairless lower tummy and little incision line you'd never know anything happened to her.
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I would recommend it. We give it to our clients, included in the procedure and cost. Not an option. If they don't give it, it's their choice, but we feel it's nicer to give it.
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Thanks everyone for the advice. I definitely want my girls to be comfortable so I will get them the meds and I will ask abouth the shot as well.
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