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Cat scared to go out front

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Hey everyone...

I have a male cat who is just coming up to his 1st birthday. Even though he loves going out into the back garden, which is all enclosed by a 6ft high fence, if I try to put him out front (the front door opens directly onto the street) he becomes very adgitated ie. kicking his legs, wriggling, biting etc. He's basically terrified. On the couple of occasions I have successfully got him out the front door he has sat behind the bin and not moved and when I let him back in he was shaking and his little heart was pounding. I'm worried that by only going out in the garden, which isn't very big, he's not getting the exercise he needs and then there's his litter tray. I would much prefer it if he did his business outside.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can introduce him to the outside world?
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It certainly sounds like he's scared of the outside world bless him

Would you not prefer to keep him inside anyway?!. He can get plenty of exercise with the many toys thats on the market now along with a little help from yourself, e.i. throwing ping pong balls for him to chase, and the litter tray if scouped daily won't smell if thats what your worried about?!.
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The fact that your cat has access to the bkyd is a lot more than many cats out there and I wouldn't worry so much about his getting exercise as I would about his being run over, lost, stolen, etc. from somewhere 'on the street' that he's terrified of anyhow, and forcing him out there, where if something scares him (a noise, movement, anything) he may take off into danger, is absolutely unnecessary. He's just a little cat, and the world is big and bad. Be glad he's not breaking the door down like some others!
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Thanks for your comments, I have taken them on board...

This is the first time I have had a pet and it's not always easy to know if one is doing the right thing. I thought it might be good for him to go out and explore, after all, a cats natural instinct is to hunt
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If he is scared, keep him indoors. Also if he isn't neutered he should be. You can engage his hunting instinct fairly easily on a daily basis with interactive toys, cat condos and other stimuli. I used to have indoor/outdoor cats, but no more. It just isn't safe. All my crew (16) are inside kitties now and they are are formerly feral or bottle babies.
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I would take a hint from your cat. He doesn't want to go out the front door that opens directly onto the street!! Its not safe for him or any cat to be let outside near a street. Being out in your back yard enclosed is good enough for him. He will get enough exercise there and inside if you engage him in playing.
As to the cat box. I guess thats something you will have to deal with as do most cat owners. Cats inside live longer healthier lives. All 5 of mine are inside only. I have 3 cats boxes I clean daily.
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