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get a job, or get out!

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OK, life's like that sometimes.... Before I left for Thailand I had an interview with the Københavns Kommune offices, to check up on how I was doing work-wise. I had quit my job a few weeks previously - so here I am totally unemployed facing the grill. I explained why I'd left my job, no breaks, no pay, no boss, no clue... yadda yadda yadda. Interviewer agreed that it was a lousy place to be. I told them I was in school to learn Danish and that I was volunteering in KV in the meantime while actively loking for work. He asks me to get him a copy of my last pay statement and the letter acknowledging my resignation. Fair enough.

So. I have to speak to my previous employers by phone, by e-mail and by written letter, before I have to actually physically see them to get these papers. I ask them to please forward them to the kommune because I would be in Thailand for three weeks and unable to get them there myself. SO when I get back from Thailand, there is a letter on my doorstep. With the ONE of the requested papers inside. NO letter of acknowledgement. They'd sent them to me like I'd specifically told them NOT to do. INtending to fix the problem, I have to wait until the day after to speak to the kommune. The day after, a letter arrives from the said party, to tell me that after the interview, having decided that I was obviously made unemployed through my own volition and having no work just now, I have 14 days to get a job, after which time, they're going to revoke my residency. The point of giving me residency until 2010, was what, exactly?

So at the moment I am at the mercy of some petty little pen-pusher sat behind a desk, who is paid well to create problems for other people.They know I'm in school. They know I'm not sitting on my backside doing nothing and they know fine well that I've never once asked the state to support me. So where is the problem?

Fortunately for me, it seems that KV are going to hire me just in the nick of time, but it really makes me angry to think that my life can be dictated by some little nerd with a rubber stamp and nothing better to do with his time. And to think that they can go home at the end of the day without a second thought for the person who's day they have totally ruined.....
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I hope it works out huns
Its really hard to stay permanent in a country unless you have been deployed for work
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