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What a fabulous day...

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Get home from work. Neighbour in driveway. `We have a couple of little visitors in our yard'. Dogs have torn down part of fence and got into neighbour's yard. We fix the fence.

They have also torn apart a bag of Blood & Bone that was in a plastic bag in a big hessian sack so they couldn't get it. It's so heavy neither Max or I can lift it. It was in front of the weak part of the fence. They moved it to break down the fence.

Found vomit on back lawn. Realise dogs have eaten some Blood & Bone. Call vet. Ask how vet is. Vet says, `Much better than you're going to be the next couple of days'. Blood & Bone likely to give dogs gastroenteritis. 24-hour fast followed by boiled plain white rice. So they're not going to be much MORE destructive now that they'll be starving NOT.

Spend an hour rectifying fence, Blood & Bone and vomit mess. Come inside. Do dishes. Notice wind has blown bedroom door shut. Wonder how long it's been like that. Open door to find frantic Sunday trapped inside.

Notice smell.

Sunday has pooped on the bed. Just changed sheets last night. Now have to wash entire doona as well. Sunday gives me death look and goes outside. I knew I should have put litter in there last night - call it a sixth sense.

I am moving to Africa.
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Oh Sarah!

I'm so sorry, but you put that so well, I had to laugh!

What a day!! I hope your doggies are behaving themselves now that they're on their fast, everything is sorted and Sunday has forgiven you!
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More like ME forgiving HER.

I cannot believe she did that ON THE BED!!! Jeepers if she was going to poo anywhere why could she not have chosen the wooden floor???
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Now that would have been too easy for you to clean up!! Sunday didn't want that after being trapped in the room!!
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you poor thing
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heheheh we all have days like that sometimes Hope it's a bit better tomorrow!!
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We sure do! It's part of the joys and trials of living with beautiful furbabies. And we wouldn't have it any other way - even if we DID move to Africa.

My poor puppies are curled up on the lounge, asleep, feeling a little the worse for wear. They have been so sooky and lovey. Sunday forgave me as soon as I fed and we're all happy families again! I can never stay mad at any of them for long - and I wasn't mad this afternoon, just ruefully frustrated!!
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Poor babies... poor you... sending a
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Oh dear - Poor babies!!

At least your doggies are going to be ok!
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Don't move to Africa, the cats are FAR bigger there and would leave a FAR nastier mess on the bed!
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
Don't move to Africa, the cats are FAR bigger there and would leave a FAR nastier mess on the bed!
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Oh Sarah, what a day! Feel better soon! Doggies too!
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Oh that stinks! Tell thoes doggies to behave!!!
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