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Brody Ran Away! :(

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Saturday January 28th

It was a nice afternoon here in Ontario, Canada. So I opened up the window. Little did I know that the screen was only half-way in right and she fell out of the window (4FT Drop) along with the screen. I looked down and she was really scared with her tail all poofy and I called her name and she ran off really fast..

Now, I have two cats. And they're indoor cats you could say, But I do let them come outside and hang out with me once and awhile and they never leave my yard. They would just play, and come back inside within 15 minutes usually.

I went outside in the direction she was headed and was nowhere to be seen. We searched for the rest of that day/evening within a 3 block radius. During the evening around 11:00pm, I saw a cat run on the street ahead of me we quickly ran up to it, and it was her!! We called her and she just stood and stared at us, than ran into a bush. I got closer to try to catch her but she ran off. I'm pretty sure I've seen her two other times as well, both times within 100FT of each other...

Food, shelter, litter is outside, and I just came in from cover both streets I've seen her in with flyers.. Why won't she come home.. When will she come home.. this is killing me.. my brody..
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www.lost-pets.org this website will help you. I had to remove the photo it was way to large for this forum. But please go to the website, you will find valuable tips on what to do to try and bring your kitten home.
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Oh no! Hope Brody realises how much you are missing him/her and comes home soon
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She's back! Last night we put out more food, the cats blanket out with everything else and she literally ran into the house like a maniac!

I don't know why?


thank you all!
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I love the stories with happy endings.
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What a big relief for you. I'm so very happy to hear Brody is home..
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What a big relief for you. I'm so very happy to hear Brody is home..
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I'm so happy Brody is safe and sound and home again with you. Thank goodness. I could just imagine this being one of my cats.
Happy endings are wonderful to read.
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Ohhh my that was quite the scare though! I've had my Sweetie run away a couple times, I know what it's like. Even if she wasn't lost for too long, it must have seemed like forever right?? I am so glad your Brody is back though!
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What a happy ending! Glad Brody came home!
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