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I Am Fat!!!!

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i need some diet tips. after getting off that depo shot, i can't wait to loose weight! exercising is a bit hard for me. i have a bulging disc in my lower back. L4. even walking more than an hour or being on my feet too long gets it hurting. i try and baby my back because my insurance is not gonna help me until i'm half dead. anyway, i stopped drinking regular soft drinks about 4 months ago. now i only drink diet. and i really don't eat alot. i may eat 2 small meals a day. and thats not even trying not to eat. thats just my appetite. i'm been up since 6:30 this morning. had 2 cups of coffee. and i'm not hungry at 11:30 am. i did have a glass of orange juice. i have lost 10 pounds since december. i am currently a size 18. at five foot five. it's sooooo depressing. does anybody think the weight may slowly come off all by itself? i also think, my back would not hurt so much if i were thinner. i wont take diet pills. 3 years ago, i lost some of my depo fat but, i starved myself on about 500 calories a day and crazy exercising.( which i can't do now.) i got down to a 12. but it all came back. i've never been a fat person. anybody got any ideas? stories to tell about your own victory over fat? i really need a feeling of hope.
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I'm sorry that I can't really help you out on this one ...just hang in there. I'm sure you'll do just fine and you'll find a way to loose most of your unwanted weight. Good luck!
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Drink lots and lots and lots of water. Your brain needs it, your cells need it, and your bones need it and it does allow you to loose weight. Don't eat past 4:00 in the afternoon and limit snacking.
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not past 4pm? i won't anything until about 1pm. that means i'd only eat once a day. i'll try 6pm. i know i should eat breakfast, but i'm just not hungry then. thats why i drink juice, because i start getting shakey. ever wonder why water taste better in a bottle?
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OK - any reasonable diet will make you loose a max of 2 lbs. a week. However your first week might be up to 5lbs. since you'll most have water loss. In order to get your metabolism back into gear you will need to start eating balanced meals, ie.3 meals, 3 snacks totaling 1200-1500 calories per day. Limit your coffe to 1 - 2 cups max per day and make sure your drink 8 big glasses of water.

For example:

1 breakfast - cereal with Milk
1 snack - carrots
1 Lunch - Chicken and veggies
1 Snack - Fruit
1 dinner - Fish, rice and veggies
1 snack - Yogurt

That way your metabolism will not have any highs or lows and you will loose weight slowely and steadily.

Good Luck!!
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I totally agree with Helen. If you don't end up following a regiment like that your body wants to hold onto the calories. In my health class when I was in college they said it like this: "when you consistently go too long without eating your body goes into starvation mode; meaning that when you do eat, your body stores the calories."

Try and eat something in the morning even if you aren't hungry. Also try to cut back on caffeine.
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That's true. Slow and steady, not fad diets, but a change in eating habits that you can maintain. I lost 40 pounds with polio when I was 118 years old. After that I craved vegetables and salads instead of ice cream and chocolate. Although I lost 15 pounds the first week I was ill, the rest came off over my 6 month period of rehab. After that, I continued to lose a pound a month and was going to the doctor to see how I could GAIN weight. Believe it or not, that is harder to do. Obviously, not being able to walk, I was not able to do strenuous exercise, but stretching and exercise were the daily routine that brought back enough strength to walk with. Some exercise each day will raise your metabolism. I know you have a bad back, but remember, I had a paralyzed leg, and the exercises I had to do were enough to change me for life--well, so far, anyway.
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Jeanie, I take it you were being sarcastic with the 118 remark? If not then wow, congratulations and I hope I can live as long!
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Sabra: I think that was a typo .....
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Oh, I hope I wasn't rude. Jeanie, you are the second person I have talked to that has contracted Polio. My sister-in-law got it when she was six months old and to this day she still has a lot of problems (she is 40 now). If you don't mind me asking, do you know of any good internet information sites about Polio, I don't know much about it and would really like to understand it more
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Ooh, Sabra, I'm laughing at myself! I was 18 years old, of course, although there are days...... This computer keyboard has a very light touch. As a classical pianist I have strong hands and often hit double letters! Also, I often end up editing my posts for much less than that. That's because of the English teacher thing.
I would suggest that you check google.com, of course, under polio or poliomyelitis. Any site concerning Jonas Salk would help too. I was one floor above him in the hospital where he developed the vaccine. Polio was a killer at times. I had spinal paralytic, meaning that the respiratory system was not affected, only limb, neck muscles, etc. Bulbar polio paralyzed the nerves controlling the respiratory system, and there was also non-paralytic, which, it was believed, 80% of the public probably had and thought was the flu. In my case, the nerves affecting my right leg were affected.
There was never a cure. New nerves leading to the limbs affected would have to form, and so far, that isn't possible. There is feeling, in fact, more feeling in a partially paralyzed or totally paralyzed limb. My right leg was badly affected, but miraculously, I have 80% of my quadriceps, the knee muscle which keeps your leg from collapsing. Since I have a trace to 5% left in my calf and foot, and 30-50% of my hip muscles left, that's a minor miracle. I walk extremely well with what I call "old lady shoes." (The ones nuns used to wear when they wore habits.) In fact I was on stage for 15 years, and my own family could not see my limp from peanut heaven.
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Thanks Jeannie. Sorry to digress, now back to weight loss!
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I think you were reading my mind as well... I have been bummed out as well about my weight lately! I gained 60 pounds with my pregnancy and right after my baby was born in December I lost a quick 20 pounds right off! Now I am stuck and can't seem to lose this extra 40. I am 5'8" and a size 20!!! UGH!!! My waist, butt, and thighs gained all the weight, although I also have nursing arms as well!! I have been thinking about seeing if Catarina77777 will give me some workout tips. I think I am going to join a gym. I am a little nervous about trying to diet also because of the fact that I am nursing, but seriously.. I want just want to cry every night because I can't fit into any of my old clothes. And I know I'm married, but guys used to look at me all the time.. it used to boost my self esteem. THank goodness I have a loving husband who doesn't mind, but I miss the stares! Please help me too with advice! And Catarina, if you're out there.. please send me a PM!
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Tara, what I found that worked for me(although I was never really heavy, the most I weighed was 150 but I had a HUGE gut and what didn't go there went to my hips) was to eliminate most other drinks(yes even diet soda) and drink water. I drink 8 cups a day. That in itself will fill you up not to mention soda and even juice which is loaded with sugar in empty calories. Although you have to watch out with water if you retain it, it's make you feel bloated.

I used to starve myself. I wouldn't eat breakfest or lunch and then I'd have a big dinner. I cut out all the extras. This worked for a while and once I was down to 130 I started to let myself "cheat". Candy bar here, ice cream snadwich there. Needless to say I gained 10 pounds and was left very fustraited.

So I started reading a bunch of healthy eating articles on http://www.ivillage.com

Now I eat every 2 to 3 hours. Not anything big, a serving size of crackers, a granola bar, a piece of fruit and if I want I'll have a piece of chocolate. I also never skip breakfest and never eat after 8:00 pm. The trick is not to starve your body because it will slow your metabolism so when you eat every couple hours it boosts your metabolism.

Do check out the site though. They have some awesome tips that should lead you on the right path. Good luck!!
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you guys are so nice. i am determined to loose weight. i will keep ya'll posted on my progress. cutting out even diet soda will be really hard for me. even being off cokes for about 4 months now i crave them. when i want something sweet, i don't go for chocolate or snack cakes. i open a can of pepsi. ahhhhhh. i'll have one about twice a week. we all have our addictions. i know i'm not ugly, but i sure do feel it!!! you know what my doctor told me? i'm too pretty to be as big as i am! she probally ment it as a compliment, but it made me feel like crap.
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This is some really great advice!! Which I am going to need after the baby is born!!! Good luck Cozy....I am sure you will be able to do it!!!
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Lots of fruit, lots of water...and exercise if you can manage it. I find that exercising 3 times a week has helped me to start losing weight...I only really need to lose about 5 pounds anyways, but I also want to tone up for bikini season!! Good luck.
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Did you find that when you were on the depo, that you felt bloated after you ate? I've noticed that if I try & cut back on soda, it seems to help.
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I've been hearing lately that you should eat 5-6 small meals a day so I decided to try that. I've lost around 15 pounds in the past two months. I went from 160 to 145-146. I'm hoping to lose more.

Good luck Cosycats. I'm sure we are all rooting for you. Just remember you have to eat!!! lol even when you're not hungry.

Originally posted by BadHabit
Now I eat every 2 to 3 hours. Not anything big, a serving size of crackers, a granola bar, a piece of fruit and if I want I'll have a piece of chocolate. I also never skip breakfest and never eat after 8:00 pm. The trick is not to starve your body because it will slow your metabolism so when you eat every couple hours it boosts your metabolism.

Do check out the site though. They have some awesome tips that should lead you on the right path. Good luck!! [/b]
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