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the incredible trio becomes a quartet!

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Hi all been awhile things have been hectic oh well life goes on. Just wanted to share I got my rescue girl today and OMG she is beautiful. this is her story and why I felt the need to make sure at least one of these kittys have a wonderful rest of thier lives. Good news is almost all have found furever homes and those that are still too sick have super foster mums to take care of them!

the breeder, and she just recently left her husband and moved from X to
X. She left her cats with her husband in X. She just
received a phone call
from her husband that if the cats weren't removed from their property today,
they would all be shot. She called our contact, who lives in X, and who was
instrumental in removing some of her cats last winter. She called me, and I asked her to call
the breeder and ask herif she could buy us a little time.
In the meantime, there are 15-20 Orientals and Siamese on the property. Sadly,
they have good bloodlines behind them. If they're like the adults I have, they will be scared
and traumatized and snuffly at first, but they'll adjust with love and care and will turn into very
sweet, loving kitties. They all live outside in rabbit-type cates, with not much protection
from the element
he had locked up everything and had put chains around
the gate, so we had to climb over the fence and work in the dark. Since we were out in the middle of nowhere, we of course attracted law enforcement attention, but somehow the breeder dealt with that. We got all the
cats; some had died from exposure, some had been given away, but we were able to save the remaining 10. Thank God. It was 22 degrees here last night, and a cold front is coming in tomorrow, so these wouldn't have survived.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this area, this is a different world, . The cats were treated like breeding animals, and housed outside because that's where breeding animals live. All the no-kills here are chronically full, and I'm not sure
there's even an animal control in this County.

Anyhow, we have the cats. No pedigrees, no papers, but we have the cats. They're alive, sick, scared, but they're alive. That's what counts. We were able to rescue a blue OSH male, 2 seal point females (1 heavily pregnant), 1 blue point male, 4 chestnut females, and 2 chestnut males.
They were in group cages, so we tried to keep the groups together for comfort.
Please, no-one ever sell **** any cats ever again. She seems like a nice
person to talk to for a short period of time, but these cats were her responsibility, and many of them suffered.
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Awww, the poor babies! I am glad you got to the remaining kitties in time.
I feel so bad for the lost ones...I don't see how people can treat animals like that.

Can't wait to see pics of your new girl!
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I'm glad you were able to rescue these cats before the situation got any worse.

Good on you!
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