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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

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Did anyone see tonights episode? If not then you may not want to continue, dependson if you like it being spoiled or not.

At the end when Ty told them about the 10 year supply of dog chow, and the $50,000 donation.. I burst into tears. I don't know why.. maybe it's because I was supervisor of an adoption center, and I know how hard it was to get food and money... but I was bawling for a good 20 mins at least.
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I bawl like a baby every week watching that show. Even my husband has been known to well up a bit watching it!
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Ohhh, was tonight's the one in Texas???? That was done in my town, and I didn't know they were here until the end! And then I was sick, so I couldn't go. But one of my friends was supposed to be on TV.. i wanted to see it!
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I love that show! I did watch last nights and I also cried and even said a wonderful prayer for those people.
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yeah I got a little tear in my eye from that too, very cool what they did for that family and their rescue
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I almost always cry watching that show, but last nights show I was bawling especially at the end when they gave them the food and $ the family was soo grateful too Good for them, they definatly deserved it
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I used to love that show until I saw a different side of it. I read an article in Marie Claire recently about a lady who won an Extreme Makeover. Her family and friends were interviewed before her procedures, and they felt that they were pretty much coerced into saying much more negative things about her than they ever would have otherwise. She was painfully shy and insecure to start with.

Anyway, she was sitting in the waiting room, waiting for her surgeries, when a producer from the show came in, told her that there were budgeting issues, and as a result she would not get her surgery now or at any time in the future, and that she was off the show, basically.

She was devastated, but her twin sister, who suffered from Bipolar Disorder, was so regretful and upset at the things that she had said during her interview, that after finding out her sister was not to have the surgeries after all, she went into a deep depression and committed suicide.

The article was about serious accidents and deaths as a result of reality TV, and that made me angry and sad enough that I will never watch that show again.
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We used to get that show in germany, but its not really good.
Infact its quite depressing
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