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Can anyone help this person?

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This person contacted Tybalt on another forum he frequents, where he's known as the resident cat guy. There is something wrong with his cat (appears neurological, IMO) and the vet wants to do hundreds of dollars' worth of tests.

Does anyone know any resources in the San Diego area that can help him? Or can anyone possibly shed some light on what's wrong with the poor cat? The guy made a short video to show how the cat is walking.


Thank you so much

Sue and Tybalt
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I was able to email him information about emergency vets in his area and IMOM, a group that helps with emergency funds for vet needs. He took his cat to the vet tonight, hopefully all will be well.

So, nevermind. Don't need anything.
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mom; it's great you were able to help the person out.

watch out mom!! i'm catching up to you in kitty numbers !! i have 6 !!
clyde, daisy, sam, mackenzie, alexander and rose
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oh my gosh,the poor kitty is walking like my dog did after she caught her neck in a door.
she knows and is aware of where she wants to go,but has no control over her front legs.
it looks like she has a trapped spinal chord in her neck.it should show up with tests

when that happened to my dog she had to have an operation on her neck,it was expensive and complicated as they tried to go in at the front of the neck,but found they could'nt reach the area so had to go in from the back of the neck but it did work.

if that is the case with this kitty i really hope she is ok
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The cat's appearance is really alarming to me, and the way he walks is the least of it. His coat is unkempt and he appears depressed - in short, he looks like a very sick cat. A purely neurological problem would most often result in a cat who walks like a drunken sailor but is, in vet-speak, "BAR" - meaning bright, alert, and responsive. That definitely does not describe this cat. The emergency vet is most definitely the place for him. You did very good work!
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is there any news on this poor little kitty,has he been to vet yet?
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