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I Just have to say this

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"I love this board!"

It is so nice to get up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and sit here and be part of this special community where everyone shares their lives, their ideas and pitches in to help others. It is also a nice place to stop in at the end of the day and catch up on the news and see what has developed. Thanks to ALL of you who have made this place so very special. And thank you Anne for creating it in the first place. Your presence is sorely missed! This is the best board on the internet IMO.
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I love this place as well. Everyone is so nice and friendly, and we are able to talk about ultra sensitive things like religion without the board erupting into an all out flame fest. That's no easy feat!

Thanks to everyone of you who come here and share a bit about yourself and your life

Miss you Anne!
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Yep - I'll definately go along with that!! This place is GREAT!! Gets me through many a boring day at work!! haha.... people are great topics are great.... feels kinda like home!! Thanks to all!!
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Let me be the next to join in on the praise of TCS

This place is such an integral part of my day- this is the first place I visit in the morning and the last place I visit at night. Its so neat to be able to say I know people from all over the world. And I DO feel like I really know a lot of you. The Daily Threads as well as the many posts give me a little window into your lives, thank you all for sharing a little piece of yourself with the rest of us. I've met some truly amazing people with such varied viewpoints through this board, and that number grows every day.

Kudos to Anne for creating the best Site on the Net, uncontested :rainbow:
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Ditto everything said so far!

I've been on the internet for many years and never had any desire to join any chats or forums. They all seemed so cheesy and impersonal. Then I came across this site and something made me decide to join. I am so glad I did! Everyone here is so friendly and open-minded. I feel like I have gotten a whole new group of friends by joining here, which I never thought was possible on the internet.

Thanks to everyone for making this such a great place to spend my long days at work! :tounge2:
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This place is truly amazing. I found this site doing searches on cat behavior which led me to TCS. After looking around I noticed the forum link and wandered on in. I checked it out for a little bit, because I always thought of internet chat as "hokey" but this place seemed completely different. Everything was just so inviting and having never "chated" on the internet I decided that this place seemed like the right place to do it. Boy was I right! What a terrific place with terrific people. I tell everyone I know of that needs info for their cat(s) about this place, except my husband This is how I get my "space." Everybody here is just so amazing, especially Anne! I really think that she should get an award for this site!
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I always feel welcome here. I feel like I have friends from all over the world now. Sometimes the only thing that helps me thru the day at work is coming and finding out what is happening in your (and your cats') lives. Thanks so much you are all s!
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I can't agree more with what everyone said! This place is AWESOME!!!! I found this site while I was looking for info about kittens when I adopted my two furbabies. I look forward to getting on TCS to help me get through my many days of boring work! lol Everyone on here is Awesome! and I look forward to talking with you every day.
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Yup, let me join the mutual appreciation society!

It's been a tough couple months, and I know I couldn't have made it through without you guys. You've been just wonderful.

And I feel like I can come here and just be myself. I don't have to have something witty to say. I can be grumpy or silly or brainy or wrong, and it's okay.

I'm so very glad to have met you all.
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I SO agree!!! I don't know what I would do with out this place, and all of you!!! I would feel like a part of my life was gone!!!! I love you all so very much, you are like family to me!!!!!!
My baby will have lots and lots of Aunties (and a few Uncles, too )

Great job Anne in starting such a fine place!!!
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This place is definitly a great site! I came here 10 months ago because my kitty was pregnant.......now 1100 posts later I am still addicted!!!!!

I love you all, I've made some wonderful friends here. And thank you Anne for creating this wonderful place for all of us to chat!!
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I think this is the one thing we all can agree on.

I must admit out of all the boards I belong to this is my fav.

**HUGS for eveyone**

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How about a little history lesson for us newcomers. This does seem to be a very well constructed and well-tended site. Who is Anne Moss? Many of you seem to know her. When did she start the site? Where is she now? Etc, etc, etc.... Thanx!
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Anne's our fearless leader who created this site back in October of 2000. By the time I stumbled on it, the site was about 5 months old. I think there were only about 100 members at the time (and only a handful of smilies!) From my Day 1, it was always a very easy board to jump into and get to know people. Anne lives in Israel and runs this site from there. She hasn't been around too much of late because 1) after a difficult pregnancy, she just gave birth to her 1st child in Feb., and 2) given all the current events going on in her country, being here has been tough lately.

We all miss her a great deal, and hope she will be able to come back and spend some time with us very soon.
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She is also a cat behaviorist and until the bombings began was launching her new career. She was going to be interviewed even, then all the suicide bombers started up and now she is virtually imprisoned in her home trying to get through it all. She also designs awesome websites and has done all the work on this board by herself. She is a wonderful, caring woman and she is sorely missed!
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I have to say that TCS is so much better than any of the other cat sites I've seen. This is always a fun and interesting place to come to, and the help and support that people here give each other is fantastic.
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I like it here too. Everyone is so fun to be with. I love to learn about everyone and thank everyone for making me feel welcome. And I love to talk about my cat without having people roll their eyes at me and tell me that I am crazy!
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