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The vet told us we should re-hyrate Quinn every 48 hours (or when needed), and gave us instructions on how to do it.

We're a little nervous about it, and just wondered if anything could go wrong/what to do to make sure nothing does go wrong... or if anybody just had some general tips on how to make sure it's done correctly.

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I have never had to do this. If you are unsure, I would call the vets office if they have on call care. Explain to them that you are nervous and ask for some help. They should be able to give you some guidence
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Dear Jessica,
When I told you about my kitty Fritz...he too had this illness...well, I took him wherever I went and took water with me. I never made him drink too much in fear that it would make him spit up, so, just a little dropper full at a time is what I did and he was so good with it...I did tell you that he did survive this awful thing! The courage you display here will stay with you! I know it! You've been an awesome Mom... It just seems scary at first...you'll be fine.
God Bless You & Yours Always,
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Is the vet having you replace orally or sub-cutaneously?
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The vet gave us an IV bag and needles and tubing to do Subcut.. but we've been doing it orally with a dropper, and it seems to be working fairly well.
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SubQ takes some getting used to for both. It delivers sufficient fluid more quickly than oral. My cat's been on this routine for a year for her kidneys and still doesn't like it, but accepts it when some baby food follows. I use 20 gauge needles to make the process go faster, but a bigger needle has more ouch. An 18 gauge needle would be less invasive and do well for smaller amounts of fluid. It depends on how much fluid you're giving as to what will work better. My kitty gets 150 CCs twice a day. It's more that oral could accommodate. She also scratches the general site and gets bald spots periodically. Then it heals and fur grows back. It's keeping her alive and feeling good though. I hope Quinn does very well. He should with regular replacement. If it's for his kidneys, he'll have to stay on it forever. It's not a big deal for us anymore.
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