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From early in my cat's life, I noticed some strange bahavior that now "seems" to make sense. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, she'll start running around the house at high speed ... back and forth. This goes on for about five minutes, then she lies down. Anyhow, after a while, I noticed that shortly after she does this, there will be a report on the news of some kind of seismic activity (an earthquake or volcanic eruption). She did this a couple of days ago ... and then I heard of the 7.7 quake in Indonesia. Well, she did it again yesterday.

At about 5:30 PM PST, she started running ... back and forth really fast. After about five minutes, she ran over by the front door and sat absolutely motionless. And then, just after 6:00 PM, I felt a "rumble." My computer monitor shook from side to side and the coffee sloshed in my coffee cup. I knew it either had to be an earthquake or a heckuva big truck going by on the street (grin). And about 20 minutes later on the evening news, the quake was reported. It was just a teensy 2.8 on the Richter scale ... but the epicenter was only a couple of miles from my front door (shudder). And, it was on a previously unknown faultline. Needless to say, local geologists are going bonkers now trying to find the specifics on this faultline (and explain why they didn't know about it before).

Anyhow, just wondered if anyone else's cat is a "seismic barometer" like my cat, Velcro? If anyone's interested, there's an interesting essay on the phenonemon here:

Here's another one, also written by the same person:

BTW, Mr. Brown has "credentials":

Fascinating stuff.

Now ... the "seasonal" behavior. Most people know spring is coming when they see buds coming out on plants and trees. I know when spring is coming when I start noticing claw and bite marks on my arms and hands (grin). Yes, for some reason, when spring approaches, my cat gets into a "mood" where she likes to "pick fights" with me. She'll jump up on the back of my chair and, for no apparent reason, bite me on the elbow. And sometimes, I'll be asleep and wake up to a strange feeling ... only to look down at the side of the bed to see my cat nibbling and clawing at my hand. Anyhow, I don't need any "groundhogs" in my house, hehehe (Groundhog Day, February 2, coming up). My own seasonal barometer reminds me when spring is about to spring.