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My new grinder

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I tried out my new grinder this afternoon, grinding up some chicken wings for the kitties:

Rocket loved the fresh chicken, but Mellie turned up her nose at it (as she does anything new.) My plan is to mix in a little with their wet food, probably about 25% or so.

I bought the grinder from this website: http://www.sillypugs.com/

They have the lowest prices and free shipping. The model I have is the 1000 watt G70. That's probably the lowest you want to go and still grind chicken wings with bones in, because it did strain a bit even feeding one wing at a time. If you want to grind anything with bigger bones, you'll need one of the bigger models. Cleaning wasn't all that bad, but getting the grinding plate out was kind of difficult because of all the grease. I'll have to figure out something for that.

Enjoy your healthy fresh chicken, kitties!!
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This should be really good for them.
Let us know how it goes Tim.
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That's great Tim! I can't wait till I can get my own grinder and not buy pre-made raw

Be careful if you increase the amount of chicken/wet food proportions though, Nya got REALLY constipated on just meat/bone when we were doing the raw transition, and wings are a high percentage of bone to meat.
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