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Why Does my kitten hate me now?

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We had simba neutered/castrated last week and since then he has been like a completely different cat!! he seems to hate me now, and meows at me alot and doesnt want to be stroked as much as before, he is still playfull but sleeps more than he did, im not worried that its a health issue as hes eating well and dashes about when hes in his 'mad' moods, i just keep thinking 'what have i done to him?'

Perhaps hes just recovering still, i hope its only that, but he didnt have stitches or an e-collar and was only really out of it the first day home.
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Im sure Simba is just still recovering. He will be more docile after being neutered not less usually. Give him some time
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they just need time for the weird male hormones to leave their systems.
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I tried to post yesterday but wierd things were going on with this site. I agree with the others. Good luck!
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The vet told me that it can take a couple of weeks for those male hormones to settle down.
I hope things are soon back to normal for you and Simba!
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He's just feeling a bit sorry for himself I bet, but he should be fine in a little while.

Neutering him is much kinder than leaving him in a permanant state of frustration!
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Thankfully he is back to his usuall mischievous self now!

I have started to let him outside for a bit of air once a day he enjoys that.

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From what I've read it takes approximately a month before all the hormones, etc. is out of the male's system. So if he's around any females in heat, he CAN still get them pregnant.

Hope your boy feels better soon.
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Its been about 6 months since I took Rusty in and he still won't let me hold him or pet him. I guess he gets the attention he needs from other people and cats here. It hurts me because he was supost to be my cat. He likes it if I play with him by throwing his toys in the air so he can catch them or rolling them along the floor for him and at times he will fight with me when I am in bed by attacking my hand under the blankets but that as close as I can get to him. I have tried to pick him up and talked nice to him to show him I won't hurt him and try to do little things to get his trust but he just won't let me get close to him. I did alot of the bottle feeding of him when he was tiny so he has been around me most of his young life so far. I think he is about a year and 2 months old.
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It's not about you... young male cats want to hunt, eat, and play, and cuddling's for wimps. He'll come around as he gets older, they usually do, but for now you just have to put up with it and be patient. Aggravating, I know!
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When Zissou was spayed last month, she wouldn't sleep in the bed (like she has done every every other night) until just recently. It is coinciding very well with how her scar is healing, as right now it's just a tiny little scab about to fall off. Also she's been sick. I think it takes them time, just like humans, to feel themself again after surgery, as you said he is.
She's totally exactly the same as she was before now. I think she was mad that she had to spend the night away, plus her little tummy hurt from the surgery.
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I'd be pretty ticked off too if someone castrated me.
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