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You're getting sleepy....

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Why do you look at pictures of me on that monitor, when you could be looking & petting me...the real thing?

Look into my will not look at that monitor.......

Fine keep looking at that monitor...I'll just take a quick nap...


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Awwwww, sweet and sleepy little Nakita.

I've got some of Lex peering over the top of my laptop, not unlike Nakita. I just have to figure out how to reduce pics first, and then I'll be posting a lot I've taken but haven't uploaded.
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Nakita is so adorable. I love that 2nd picture of her the most. I love her expression in that one.

Vespacat, if you want help resizing your pictures, let me know, and I'll do it for you.
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those are hilarious .what a cute lil face
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Awww....So sweet!! How could you ignore that beautiful face?
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That's too cute!!
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Such a beautiful sweet face. I couldn't resist her at all.
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Great pics!
Am I the only one here whose cats never climb onto the monitor?
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Great pics!!!!

Abby never climbs on the monitor either.
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pretty nakita!!!

i bet my cats are a pretty clumsy bunch... they would fall off the monitor if they climb onto it that way... since then, i never saw them there anymore..
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does she ever try to play with her picture on the monitor?
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That adorable kitty sleeping on the monitor...just priceless.
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What beautiful eyes!
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