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My 1st Signature WITHOUT Paul

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How does it look? In fact this is my first individualized signature of just one of my cats. I'll be making them each their own signature. In all fairness, I'll probably have to make a Paul ONLY signature, as well.

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I like it! Very nice!
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Your work is marvelous Hope!
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it looks great!
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I love it! I can't wait to see the others!

You definately are talented Hope!!
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I love your work, Hope.

For those of you who didn't know, Hope made my siggy for me as well. I just love it!
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Awesome! You do some very cool siggys!
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It looks really good with that font.
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Hope, what can I say! As usual, you rock!
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Awesome, Hope!! Between Simba's gorgeousness, and his Mom's talent, it had to be a winner.
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What a HANDSOME fella! NOW do one with ALL your babies! I LOVE your siggys!
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Hope, it looks fantastic as usual. I look forward to the others!

Gaye - I love it! I really love the little guy on the right.
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It look great! I hope that you keep Paul in you avatar...he's your trademark. I just can't imagine Hope without Paul!
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It's very pretty as usual, Hope!
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As always Hope, great work!

I don't know if I can get used to a "Paul-less" signature for you, though!
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No Paul Stanley in HOPE'S signature?! Whoa what a change never thought this day would come

Seriously though I really love it!

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Simba looks gorgeous. I like the idea of "featuring" one cat per siggy, as that way they each get their due admiration.
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