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does anyone else get drooled on?my kitten comes in at night and will drool on me till i give him kisses and petting.
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Kittens seem to drool a bit more than adult cats. A lot of them will drool while being petted.
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When Buddy snuggles or sits on my lap, he kneads and drools. His eyes also roll back in his head. Buddy is one blissed-out pussycat
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I've got two mega-droolers.
My 12 year old drools down my neck while getting hugs, or drools in my ears (blech!) when I'm trying to sleep.

My 2 year old, Vash, drools anytime he's purring, leaves puddles on our laps all the time.
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Since this is a Behavior question, I will move this to the Behavior forum.
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Prego drools when getting petted.
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Sonny drools quite a bit, too. I never really noticed it it's more prevalent at certain times or not. My vet said some cats just drool more than others. Specifically he said some just produce more saliva than others.
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My russian blue mix Natasha drools when I pet her. I call her the drippy kitty. It can be pretty gross at times, but cute of course.
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