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Please Help

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Hello all-- I am new here and found this site after a sleepless night wondering about my sweet kitty Poppy's health. She is long haired and had been vomiting since Sunday morning, listless, no eating or drinking. I took her to the vet yesterday and they want her back for an Xray this morning. She has never been ill before and I am so worried. (she is 3) The vet gave no explaination but from what I have picked up on here- and other sites, she may have an obstuction from an impassable hairball? How is this treated? Has anyone else had a problem like this? I cannot stand to see my wonderful cat feeling so terrible. Thanks for any support or answers. I guess I'll know soon enough, her appt is at 10:30. Less than an hour away. Thank You.
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In really extreme cases, there can be surgery for hairballs. The x-rays will show the vet if this is necessary or not. Sometimes a good dose of oil will help move the obstruction along. Your cat's surface of her tongue is like sandpaper and for long haired kitties, they pull the hair when they groom. When this obstruction is over and kitty feels better, you can try and give her along with a little bit of wet food, some green beans chopped really fine. (a source of great fiber) If you chop them fine enough, most cats eat them, cook the beans first though. Your kitty will be fine, because you are doing the right thing and taking her to the vet. Also if you get a small bottle of cod liver oil and start adding tiny amounts to her dry food, this will help also. Science Diet makes a dry food specifically for hairballs. I mix this in with my regular feed for my cats. Good luck and let us know the outcome please?
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My vet gave me a tube of malt flavored brown gel to put on my cat's nose periodically to prevent future problems with hair balls. It looks and smells like the diet supplements to put weight on thin cats. Those supplements are available in pet stores, and might be a good way to build kitty back up when her ordeal is over.
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Hello all,

Have just returned from the vets and am losing it. I had to leave Poppy behind. Her Xray showed no obstructions and she is now dehydrated.They are giving her fluids and running some blood tests on her. I cannot believe this is happening to my little angel. The vet is very kind and said she will prioritize Poppys blood work and have word for me in a few hours. I am a bartender and have no idea how I can endure work this evening. I am thankful I brought her in yesterday instead of waiting-- I am so scared. She asked me about kitty aids and feline lukemia. She went to a kennel for the first time ever at Christmas, I wonder could she have been exposed there? The kennel is highly rated and was reccomended by my vet. Sorry about the babble, if I hadn't found this site last night I think I would be insane. Thank you all for listening, please keep Poppy in your thoughts.
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Hi there, not wanting to worry you, but this sounds kinda familiar to me, Monty one of my boys went through the same thing, they gave him laxatives and and hair ball lubricant stuff, but he didn't improve, turned out it was his intestines - they had telescoped inside each othere thus preventing anything going in or coming out..... he was taken into surgery immeadiately very weak and they removed a large chunk of intestine, he is now fine and recovered perfectly, seriously the best place for your kitty to be at the moment is where she is - at the vets. Im sure they will find out what the problem is and be able to treat it without too much trouble. Keep us up to date!!

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Thank you for your concern Bodlover.(and everyone)

The vet said that if the bloodwork comes back fine that she will suggest exploratory surgery. She asked if Poppy plays with string or yarn but I told her that Poppy has a basket of mice and her favorite thing in the world is to fetch and fetch(as long as anyone will throw them) So I guess now I just wait. You said exactly what my Hubby did when I called him, hysterical-- she is in the best place for her and they will do all they can. Hubby also said (we are newlyweds) how will you act if we have a child and it gets sick? I guess they same way- I raised Poppy from a scrawny little SPCA kitten, and for 3 years she has BEEN my child.
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I was frantic while she was at the vet. You know, they never figured out what was really wrong with her? They gave her subcutaneous iv's and some antibiotic and finally sent her home. She was "off" for a couple of days and I drove everyone here nuts posting about her, but she turned out to just kick out of it and is fine today. Don't worry, it sounds like your vet has the cat's best interest at heart. And about those viruses, you can ask them to test for it, they are an extra charge, but perhaps doing it will put your mind to rest? oh and my cat had above normal bloodwork results too! Go figure!
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Honestly, we love them so much we'd just about mortgage the house for them, and maybe that too. Well, we can't have a pet if we're not willing to take care of it. They're our babies! Let us know ASAP-what the outcome is, please.
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Thanks to all for positive feedback...

I know I am prob. driving everyone nuts but when Poppy is home safe and sound I think I'll stick around. This seems like a great forum for all who love animals. A little about Poppy. She is a long haired tortie (mostly black) with a big cream colored blotch on her chest. My hubby (then boyfriend) and I adopted her from the SPCA. I knew he was the guy for me when the first weekend we had her (I was working) he spent all his free time building her an elaborate kitty play station complete with carpet covered levels and play/sleep cubes. She follows me everywhere and greets me at the door every time I get home. She fetches like a dog, and loves to sit on my lap when I have a glass of wine and read a book at night. She adds so much to my life--whew, gonna cry again-- sitting here with 2 phones in my lap waiting to hear from vet. I wouldn't be online so much--but my Mom isn't home. Thanks you guys for listening. PS. I'm really not a freak!
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It sounds to me like Poppy is extremely lucky (and beautiful too) Good for you for rescuing her and good thoughts and prayers are now flying your way. Update when you can and try not to worry okay? I know, bad advice, one I NEVER seem to follow myself!
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Trust me, no one here would even bat an eye at how you feel about your baby! We all feel the same way about our own.

Poppy is definitely in the best place for her right now. It sounds like you have a great vet who will do everything possible to make her comfortable until they know what the problem is.

And really don't worry about driving anyone nuts with your worries! It always helps to talk to someone, and we are here. Poppy is getting tons of positive energy and prayers sent her way from everyone here.
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I can't add anything but my prayers for Poppy's return to good health. But I know you are not a freak. If you want to shatter my normally calm exterior, tell me that Dani's missing or sick. She's my baby and I become a basket case whenever something bad happens. Knock on wood but her most serious illness was diarreha though she had escaped our old apartment twice. Fortunately for me she was too scared to stray far and was normally home within a few buckets of tears.

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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You are definately NOT A FREAK - if I would find myself in your position I would be just as panicy as you. Thank god my friends have accepted my condition. Those little guys really tugg at your heart strings and it seems that she is in very caring hands right now.

Please keep us uptodate on her progress

Positive thoughts and plenty of XOXOXOXOXO's to your little one.
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update- its 3:15 or so and I have to be at work at 4pm. CAlled Poppy's vet and they have no test results, but the vet tech says "she is doing fine" I think going to work may keep me from pacing and obsessing about her. I still expect a call from her vet any time now. Thanks for your positive thoughts. Bridget& Poppy
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hi and welcome! is the vet checking for any kind of toxins in the blood work? checking the liver? have to ask. i lost my baby 1 month ago and he had these same symptoms. it could be alot of things though. let us know how he is!!!
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Hi and welcome. Thank you for repling to my post. I just went through the same sitiation. I had taken my kitty in to the vet for continous vomiting and no eating. He was given a fluids shot just like yours, amoxicillian and some pepcid ac. He looked terrible his stomach was soo skinny and sucked in. But the doc sent me home with him. I was so worried and going crazy on how could he sent me home without my kitty eating since last wednesday. Well from his visit on sunday,monday he was pretty much still the same I was going nuts. All I did was force fed him even though with one pellet of dry food he would throw up. I kept on giving it a shot until he didnt throw up no more. I became anxious to keep feeding him and I did all night last night. This morning guess who woke me to be fed. I hope it goes the same for you.
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hi. i'm new too. while i wait for people to reply to me, i' thought's i'd reply to you. my cat is a constant groomer so i buy her this stuff which helps break down the hairballs so they just pass through her. I bought mine is spain and it translates as "a dietary supplement which helps digestion and eliminates hairballs" its called Malta and the brand is axis. anyway, i'm sure your vet can recommend something similar. it comes in a tube and you just squirt a little out and let her lick it off her paw or your hand. good luck! jenny
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Hello all and THANK YOU so much for all your support.
The vet called me at work@ 6pm and said poppy had been on an IV to rehydrate her and had not vomited all day. She tested neg. to the dreaded kitty HIV and my husband went and picked her up at 8pm. I just got home from work and my girl was in the living room, in her pet carrier!!(door open) I woke hubby and asked him had she been there all night and he said no. She came out when she heard me and got on my lap. Her nose is very dry and she is moving like she is very stiff--but maybe this is a situ. like hissy described with her kitty.-how kitty just bounced back--- I am hoping she will eat tomorrow. She is purring again!! Thank you all for the positive thoughts and messages..I will let you know how she is in the morning. Thanks again, its amazing how I found this site and it has helped me through the past (hellish) 24 hrs. You guys are great!
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I am glad that she is home, and I hope she will rebound. Keep an eye on her and please know that cats will purr when they are in pain as well as when they are stressed or contented. But hopefully these are purrs of happiness and her stiffness *could* be from confinement in the cage at the vet, depending on what size of cage she was in. Thinking good thoughts for you and Poppy.
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That is very good news! Please keep us updated.
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