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Tricia - I may have to change my siggy to read "Jan - Designated Dosenoffner". Unfortunately I don't have an umlaut on my keyboard.
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Day Four. We had a really good day, and are exhausted. This morning Kaylee found some nozzles on top of a cabinet in "our" bedroom, and knocked them all to the floor, so the can openers had to come running. Jamie's Daddy had to clear everything up. He was home with us this morning, and played with us. The other can opener, Jamie's Mommy, had her early day, so she let us out to play all afternoon. We helped her clean the upstairs, played, ran up and down the stairs, and explored the kitchen. They have a cat bed on top of the kitchen cabinets here!

Tomorrow and Friday aren't going to be as much fun. The can openers are having new windows installed downstairs and in the cellar, so we have to stay in our room till the workers leave in the evening. Jamie has to stay in the master bedroom, so at least he'll see what it's like, and might be nicer to us.
Our Mommy misses us. She called to ask about us this evening, and is happy that she can see our photos here.
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Sorry about confusing people with the "can openers". I thought maybe people were accustomed to it because I use it as my "title". Jan, you could spell it "Dosenoeffner".
The bed and breakfast sounds like fun. Teufel and Kaylee are both quite young, and have both traveled and moved, which is why I think they've settled in so easily. I speak English, too, to them, which might make a difference. For the first few days, Kaylee looked at me as if she were asking, "Who are you?" She's "Miss Stick-Her-Nose-Everywhere", and is far too busy exploring things to be very upset. Teufel is a very outgoing cat.
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Day Six. We arrived here last Saturday evening, so it has been almost a week! Yesterday was so-so. The can openers had new windows installed, so we had to stay in our room all day! We did get let out in the evening, and finally got to play in the living room. That was fun - the furniture was all pushed together, because the workers were coming back this morning, so there were lots of places to hide and jump out at each other. Jamie's tree is in there, and we ran up it, and jumped down onto a sofa, over and over and over again.
Today was better. The workers left at 12:00, and we were allowed everywhere except the living room until about 5:00. We even got to see the cellar! We slipped into the living room when the can opener was trying to get the vacuum cleaner out of there, and Jamie growled and hissed at us, but didn't try to bite us. I wonder if he knows we're eating his cat food? Our mommy sent plenty of our food, but we like to try new foods, and his tastes very good. Today we had Nutro and Grau (German brand) wet, and Natural Balance dry. Yummy.

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What a great thread! Gosh -I need to bring mine over when I leave town so I can get updates
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Originally Posted by captiva
What a great thread! Gosh -I need to bring mine over when I leave town so I can get updates
No kidding!
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Maybe this will start a new trend - TCS members exchanging catsitting services? Sar asked about sniffing. The first two days, Jamie growled at me when he could smell the other cats on me, but he's no longer doing that. He sniffs around where they've been, and rubs his face on anything they've touched, but doesn't seem to mind. I've been worried about them using his litter box, and have been scooping after each use, but even that doesn't seem to faze him. He just doesn't want them in his presence at this point. He is accustomed to having other cats in the spare bedroom, though. Once Fran picks them up, I'll have to wash everything in there so that he doesn't mark.
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The pictures are adorable. Tuefel looks like a sleek little black panther.
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Teuf looks so much like my sister's cat Onyx. Kaylee looks like such a sweetie looking up to the camera at the door.
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Day Seven. It was too cold and windy to use the balcony today, so we simply had to get into things indoors. I (Teufel) have figured out how to open the door to the linen closet, so I checked it out. It was so messy that I had to take drastic measures, and push everything out, so that the can opener would refold and rearrange the sheets and towels. Kaylee thought that was a good idea, so she volunteered to do the shelves under the staircase where the can openers put their shoes. She made a lot of noise doing so, and scared herself, and had the nerve to use that as an excuse to cuddle with the lady can opener and push me away. I'm the lap cat here. Jamie is still growling at us, and doesn't want us to use his litter box when we're let out of our room. These photos were taken Wednesday evening, when we finally got to play in the living room. Usually Jamie is in there when we're let out, but that day he was up in the master bedroom.

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They look like they are having an absolutely fabulous time!
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hahaha what great updates
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They're doing amazingly well. It must be hard on them to be cooped up in one room 20 to 21 hours a day, to have strangers looking after them, and to have their friendly overtures (chirps and trills through closed doors) responded to with growls and hisses from the resident cat. Not to mention all the noise caused by workers installing new windows for 1 1/2 days! They've settled into a sort of routine, have their favorite toys, and really enjoy their meals (Fran is going to kill me - they want as much variety as Jamie does now, and sit in front of the "cat food cabinet" when they're hungry). Teufel is incredibly friendly. Our nephew came over yesterday, and Teufel got right up in his lap. Kaylee is a little skittish with strangers, but has started flopping at my feet (I guess because I'm the lady with the food and toys) and cuddling up to me.
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Hey Tricia... I think you do a memory book with pictures of master Jamie and his visitors for posterity. Like a photo album kinda.
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Obviously, I'll have to fly my cats to Germany if I ever have to leave town.
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I love hearing the latest on your house guests

Their having a great time exploring from the sound of things
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Those two little adventurers certainly seem to be having a grand time -- even if their movements are somewhat restricted most of the time.
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I am loving your updates. They read like a children's book.
More please.....
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Originally Posted by xocats
I am loving your updates. They read like a children's book.
More please.....

They certainly look like they're enjoying their adventure!
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Teufel looks sooooooo much like my Joey I almost thought it was the same cat!!
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This thread should start a trend ..lmao...
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Today was a pretty good day. It was mild enough to go out on the balcony, and we were out of our room for five whole hours this afternoon. After playing, we cuddled up on the bed with her, and once we got very sleepy she put us back in our room with our dinner.
This is the two of us checking out Jamie's cat tree:

And here's Kaylee relaxing in the living room:
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I love reading your updates!
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they are so cute!
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They're completely adorable, and very affectionate. They're doing their best to make friends with Jamie, but he wants no part of them. I can't believe how well they've made up with us (me and hubby), and have adapted to their current situation. Tomorrow and Tuesday are going to be bad for them, since those are my late days at school, so their time outside their room will be limited. Teufel gave me a real scare this afternoon. They followed me down the cellar, where they love to explore, and he simply disappeared. I checked all over, couldn't find him, and resorted to opening some salmon cat food that they love. He popped up right away. I have no idea where he was "hiding". Counting cat heads is wearing me out!
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i just took the time to go through it!
As i get home tricia you will have to write me a list of all the foods they like, so i can order from the stores you get from
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You are an angel for doing this Tricia.
How much longer will Jamie have to share your love.
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Today was a lot better than expected. The lady can opener got home late, but the man can opener was home today, and he let us out in the afternoon. We ran up and down the stairs, and wrestled in the big bed. The lady can opener let us out again when she got home, so we ran around some more, and then had our dinner. This is a favorite place to climb. There's a sign up there that says. "This home is owned and operated by the cat."

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How cute. I look forward to your daily updates.
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