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Toliet Training

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I recently tried toilet training both of my kitties. I read up about it on a couple of sites and they said the best way to do it was to slowly raise the litter box off the floor with phone books and things like that until the litter box was parallel to the toilet. Then to slowly move the litter box over the toilet and finally to get a bowl and place litter in it so that the bowl is below the toilet seat. Finally to remove the bowl and the cats would use the toilet instead. Wow, I thought - never having to clean a litter box again would be incredible. So off i went to start the training. It took about two weeks for me to raise the litter box up to toilet level and the kitties being comfortable with it. When it came time for me to move the litter box over the toilet, they started freaking out and pissing anywhere but. Back and forth, I tried over and over again with no success. Now it seems like they will only go in the litter box once and while. Its been about a month since we started this ordeal and I hope I didn’t scare them for life.

Can you help me try to get them back on track?

edit: opps. posted in wrong section. : (
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where are you keeping the litter box now?
if you have it in the bathroom i would move it out

also get another litter box, or more if you possibly can

they sell a cat litter called Cat Attract, it is supposed to help cats who have stopped using the litter box go back to using it again

i would just give them lots of time, patience and plenty of safe places for their litter boxes

praise them when they use it.

clean up well when they dont- so that they do not keep going back to the same spot.

are your cats boys or girls? neutered/spayed?

boys esp like to mark things, but girl cats will do it too

well don't give up, and don't worry i dont think you scared them for life.
they just need some time to get over whatever it was that scared them so much.

or maybe they were not scared so much as, heck no, i am not going there!! you know, they just put their foot, er, paw down and let you know what they thought of the whole idea

(incidentally it does sound like a great idea, and i know a few ppl who have trained their cats this way, but i always worry, what if they fell in?? plus as they get older they may not be able to do that anymore, but may not remember what a litter box is for..)

good luck, let us know how you make out
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