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I sometimes get so tired of hearing "they say". Who is "they"? Do "they" really know it all?

A good example - I've been taking HRT for 22 years even though "they" say it can cause breast cancer. I've had cervical cancer and my cancer specialist (who has people come from all over the world to Toronto to see him) told me the risk of getting breast cancer from taking HRT was very minimal compared to someone who isn't taking HRT.

Lo and behold, on the CBC news last evening I hear that "they" have done extensive testing and HRT's are not as harmful as "they" had first thought. So essentially I've been taking HRT's for 22 years, feel better, look younger than all the frightened folks who didn't.

I know I'm off-topic here but I am just trying to prove a point.

My kitties get their shots, my child got childhood vaccinations and will get boosters if and when she travels or needs updating.
They in the cat world is/was a group of people doing a study on VAS. THIS has been happening for over a decade but suddenly so many cats were getting it that Vets knew they had to find out why. A TASK force was formed to study and try to figure out why it was happening. Then just as suddenly it disasembled.

NOW "they" (whoever makes up hte protocols) are saying to go back to the scruff shots or scapular. I think NOBODY knows where to vaccinate a cat. I DO know I wont' have my babies get any more. They are only out to the back yard at one or two times a day and if they do go out front the do not get near any other cats as only 1 is around and she is afraid of Ben!