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I found a dress....

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Ok no laughing now! But I got a dress for my cruise today. When I got home I had DH take some pics of me in it. I look a bit shopping haggared, but other than that, what do you think? (click for larger image)


Not smiling

Edited to add this pic:
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It looks nice, but I can't see what the top part through the neck and shoulders actually looks like in the pics.
Tell hubby to take one from the upper waist Up.
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Very pretty! (I also love the kitty butt in the second picture!)
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I agree - very pretty!

Nice kitty butt in the last picture!
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Very nice dress!
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Ok I added a waist up pic....I still look dumpy today! Geesh...I hope I didn't start out the day like that! Man if that ain't my mama's nose, I don't know what is!
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I agree....very nice dress

And I agree about the nice kitty butt too
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Very pretty dress! Very elegant!
I find at my age (25) many of the dresses out there seem too "teenagery" and then others are too matronly--this one is perfect!
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Very nice dress! Is that Mooch or Noodles in the background?
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Very becoming dress on you!
How about trying your hair "up" and some sparkly ear rings and a necklace with that dress? Just a thought!
Have fun on your vacation!
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Its a very nice dress. You looking smashing in it.. Perfect choice for a cruise dress to wear in the evenings..
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That's Mooch being her nosey self in the background.
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You look very nice! Love the dress.
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Looks very nice!
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very nice kitty butt oh and dress
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