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Dog attack

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Charlie came home today bleeding from his back end. I rushed him to SARA (the animal sanctury which was closer than my vet) they said he had been attacked by a dog. They found two puncture woods which is where all the blood came from.

I was working this afternoon and when I got home I was really worried about him. He did not seem able to lift his tail and was very swollen underneath.

I immediately rushed him to the 24 hour vet who did a thorough examination we found more puncture wounds and the one was very deep. The vet took his temperature which was fine, and flushed the wound with what I think was Betadine. She also gave him painkillers and anti inflamatory. The poor guy was in so much pain but he never once tried to scratch me. He cried a lot but just buried his head in my arms while the vet examined him.

He is such a lovely cat not once did he put his claws out or try to bite despite being so obviously in pain.

He has come home eaten, drank and been to the toilet so as long as the wounds don't get infected the prognosis is good. I am just so worried that he cannot lift his tail and that he might have internal damage he is very bruised underneath.

Poor Charlie he never normally leaves the garden I have no idea how this could have happened. Our dogs are too kind to the cats and infact protect them they are all part of the pack so I know non of ours are responsible (since coming home Charlie has shown no fear of our dogs). The wounds are deep, whatever did this meant it.... Thank god Charlie got away, I suspect he went into next doors garden, they have a Canarian fighting dog........it is a pain in the neck ....barks all night, they do not live in the house and leave it there on it's own, just visiting once a day to feed it.
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I am glad he was able to come home so you could get him help
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I'm glad for you that he was able to make it home. Next time he might not be so lucky! It might be time to rethink about letting your cat outside. I have made the decision that my cats are indoor cats only. After loosing my beloved Tiggy this summer to the outdoors. I will no longer let mine out.
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I'm glad too your cat was not killed by the dog. However, I do hope you seriously consider to keep the cat indoors from now on, unless you train him to walk on a leash in your backyard or get an enclosure where he can sit and be safe - not wondering around in other yards.

You were lucky this time - please keep it that way!
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Charlie spends most of his time indoors anyway he has never been one for going far that is the strange thing. So does Tommy they are real home birds.

Sol hates the house and Jade has always lived outside she did in the UK and I think they to old to be made to stay indoors it would distress them, Sol frantically scratches at the door to go out if I try and keep her in.

We live in the mountains here there are only 10 houses all spread out over a large area, it is not like living on a housing estate or busy street. There are no natural predatures and all the neighnbours dogs are kept inside the walled gardens bar one old softie. we think that the hunting dogs were too close to the houses again which I am going to report to the police today.

It is difficult to explain but my house is an old Finca we have a walled enclosure around the house. It is also very hot here in the summer so the windows and doors are always open, this time of year it is easy to keep them in but when the weather gets hot you would not want to live with the doors shut. Yes airconditioning would be nice but to live overlooking the sea in the mountains and then not enjoy the fresh air surly that would be sacrolidge.
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The vet has ruled out the presser the bite marks are too small. But they are the right side for Podenca which is the Canarian hunting dog, non of my neighbours own one.

His tail is broken and he has no feeling in the bottom half. My vet speaks only Spanish but from what I can make out she says that if it does not heal he will have to have it removed.

It has been bandaged up to imobilise it and he seems more comfrtable now it has been taped up.

What are the chances of the nerves healing ? Is it possible that the feeling will come back ? Should I have his tail removed ?
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Awww, poor Charlie. Sending lots of healing vibes his way.
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Poor baby I am glad he's alright. The tail, depending on how much damage the nerves recieved, might regain feeling- but you won't know until the swelling around the nerves goes down. If you plan on letting him continue to go outside, you might want to buy a kitty-walk or some other kitty enclosures they have out now. Or a special fence, to keep kitty from jumping over the top- a really nice looking one:http://www.purrfectfence.com/default.asp


let us know how the tail heals up
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Thanks for that I will look into a fence we used to have a fence in the UK when we lived on a farm which was open onto farmland it was too big an area to enclose so we bought a special dog/cat fence.

Charlie is still undergoing vets treatment and has to go back every day for injections. The vet tells me if the puncture wound does not heal it will have to be stitched. He is much happier since his tail has been bandaged and is even starting to play a little with Tommy.

The bruising is also going so fingers crossed. The end of his tail though is still limp and lifeless
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So sorry about Charlie! Thank-God he survived the attack.
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Hurray Good News Charlie is getting the feeling back in his tail.

The vet did his test yesterday and Charlie looked at his tail, the vet thinks he will be Ok and that the feeling will come back slowly. We are so pleased, and I bet Charlie is too.
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So glad to hear Charlie is doing better!
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