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RSPCA supports animal victims of domestic violence.

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Queensland is one of the Australan States.
From www.rspcaqld.org.au:

RSPCA Qld connects with Domestic Violence
RSPCA Qld and dvconnect Domestic and Family Violence Service of Qld have joined forces to help human and animal victims of Domestic and Family Violence.
In what is already being heralded as a major breakthrough, the RSPCA will partner with dvconnect to help women who feel trapped in violent domestic situations because of concerns for their pets.
“Women often delay leaving a violent relationship because they’re worried what will happen to their pets†said Di Mangan Manager of dvconnect. “Unfortunately refuges are not equipped to take animals and until now women have been reluctant to leave if they cannot find or afford emergency pet care.â€

The new Pets in Crisis - domestic violence programme will solve this problem by providing temporary care for the pets of women and children during their stay in domestic violence refuges. The programme will initially be trialed for six months and will hopefully help prevent animal cruelty in violent domestic situations. Many families also feel traumatised after they’re forced to abandon pets when they flee the family home. The Pets in Crisis programme will help ease that trauma of loss.
The RSPCA will provide specialised training and support to dvconnect volunteers to enable them to foster pets of women leaving domestic violence. It will also try to accommodate animals at an RSPCA shelter that are not deemed suitable for fostering. Referrals to the program will be coordinated 24hrs a day by dvconnect womensline ( ph 1800 811 811), the state-wide 24hr domestic violence counselling and refuge service.
RSPCA Qld CEO Mark Townend views it as part of our long term commitment to help address the disturbing links between animal abuse, child abuse and domestic violence.
“We have already been developing a much closer working relationship with Queensland Police as part of our Links programme and this partnership with dvconnect is a natural and obvious progressionâ€.
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The PetSafe program run by our local Human Society is there for the same problem. When the domestic violence crisis line gets a call, they ask (or at least they are supposed to) whether the woman (or man) has pets and whether she needs us to foster them until she is able to get a pet friendly apartment or house. We even take large animals (horses, cows, etc). Sadly, we rarely get called for this (zero calls last year) despite all of the domestic violence that occurs in this area. But...we are here when they are ready for us!
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I've heard of such programs in some areas of the U.S., but not in Germany. Good for Queensland!
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Bravo for them! I think that is a fantastic program!
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That is awesome! We have a similar program here.
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I started the same type of program (called Patriotic Paws) here last year. I applaud all groups undertaking similar endeavours!
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Oh YAY! Now the world needs to know. You made a nice dent though by telling TCS members.
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