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For Steelers fans only.....

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Got this link from Trav's car website and thought it was AMAZING! I will never forget this season and am SOOOOOO PUMPED for the game next week! I don't know how I will survive the week without my boys! Someone is SURELY watching over them.......
Anyways, hope you enjoy!

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I saw that link before when someone posted a link for the drunken Browns fan being body slammed by one of our linemen..unfortunately my dialup doesn't let it play worth a crap!
I'm pretty amped for the game, too, & miss my football this week! At least they will be playing all kinds of football stuff this coming week on NFL Live. Ugh. What will some of us do when football season is over?
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Enjoy it while you can, my friends. But you gotta know us Seahawk fans are pretty pumped, too! After all, this Super Bowl thing is a new experience for us! This is going to be one AWESOME game! Good luck.
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Good luck to you too! You will definately need it
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We are the underdogs, aren't we. I love it!!!!!! We are the scrappy, salty SEAHAWKS!

We need this so bad for our city that is still in the midst of the four-year recession and trying to pull out of it this winter through 50 days of rain and darkness, and we know we have a formidable opponent in the guys from back east!

May the best win!
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