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Moving day vibes

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Hey everyone! I'm less than 24 hours away from my move to Southwestern Ontario to visit my family for a month or 2 before making the bigger move to the west coast. Of course my little boy Reilly is coming along with his meowmy. I'd like to ask my fellow TCS'ers to work some of the Cat Site magic and ask for some good vibes for the trip...more for Reilly than myself. Unlike his meowmy Reilly hates airplanes.
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Reilly, just stay calm - deep kitty breaths and soon you will be on the ground again. And you will be with your Meowmy the whole time.

Good luck on the trip.
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<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>
Good vibes!
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Finally - the big day!

I hope that you & Jeff have a great time tonight together - and just relax - the flight will go okay - and Reilly will do great!

Let us know how things go!

Sending you and Reilly good traveling vibes!
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Aww, good luck! I'm sure Reilly will do wonderfully, hes a big beautiful boy and I'm sure he will get spoiled by grandparents (if you're family is anything like mine)!
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YAY! Good luck to you, Jeff and Reilly. You will all do wonderfully! Sending some good moving vibes to you And some relax vibes to Reilly.....
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How exciting! You've been waiting for so long to go home. I am sending lots of good vibes to all of you.
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Congratulations! I'm sending good vibes for your visit and move, and calming vibes for Reilly!
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Lots and lots of good travelling vibes! Billy and Chay say "Meowmy always tells us that the sooner we quit meowing and go to sleep, the sooner we'll be there! We don't always believe her, but maybe you can give it a try!"
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Yay! You must be so excited!
Sending some good vibes your way for the move!
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