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When we moved house in October, I thought it would be great because the cats would have a garden (we lived in a flat before). Unfortunately, one of the neighbour's cats (a big ginger tom) keeps bullying my two. They're always coming in with tufts of fur hanging out where they've been bitten.

We have a cat flap into the garden, which the cats use a lot, but they are getting so wary about going out because if the ginger cat is around, he'll chase them straight back in again. It's got to the stage where they prefer to be let out of the front door instead of using the cat flap. Unfortunately, ginger waits for them at the front as well.

Has anyone got a miracle idea that would stop ginger bullying my cats (and everyone elses). I've tried chucking water at him when he's in our garden, or having a go at another cat, but he doesn't seem bothered.

I don't know if he's been neutured, I can't even get close to him to see if he has a collar and tag.

If anyone has any ideas on how to stop him bullying, or on how to keep him out of our garden, I would be eternally grateful.
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Do you share the garden with others? Or is this cat just wandering in? Maybe you could put a fence up to keep that cat out? Perhaps the cat feels it's his territory.......maybe he belongs to the prior owner? Try to supervise your kitties while they are outside, and watch for any interactions with the cat intruder. I'm really not sure what else to suggest to you. I hope it gets better.
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How do you feel about dogs? *G* Really though, there is no good and effective method of running off unwanted cats. I have one that has been terrorizing my gang for quite awhile. I call him Gangster. He has been helping the vet bills go up- like I needed that type of help! The only thing I would suggest is keep your cats inside and try to trap the other kitty to find out if he belongs to someone or is a feral. Good luck.......
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Here's a thought. Maybe you could put some of the treasures your kitties leave in the litter box at various places around the perimeter of your yard to let the other cat know that it is their property. Like marking their territory for them. Just don't put out too much or you will annoy the neighbors with the odor! I don't know exactly how cats respond to territorial markings like that - maybe someone else can advise more on this. It may backfire and make your whole garden a big litter box...
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you could keep your babies inside. have you tried petting the other cat? maybe he's hungry and just wants some love.
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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your replies. We remained very good friends with the previous house owners and they have a large german shepherd dog, this kept Ginger out of the garden when the dog was outside, but otherwise, I think Ginger must have taken the garden as his territory.

I can't really get close enough to Ginger to pet him, but I did notice he has no collar. He could be a stray, but he looks well fed.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to keep my eye on them all and hope they sort themselves out. Keep your fingers crossed for me
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