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is a pot of "cat grass" a good idea? what's the point?

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hello... well this morning my husband and i woke up to much chaos!

kramer was covered in poop (diarrhea) and there was poop all over the apartment.

well, in hopes that i could help his stomach feel better, i put a pot of some home grown cat grass that i've had going, in front of their food bowls. he liked it, and ate a couple pieces.

since this morning, i've tralked to my sister who said that grass would make the diarrhea worse and might even make him throw up... well i'm just confused cuz i was always under the impression that cats ate grass to help with upset stomach... so somebody please tell me...

is the cat grass a good idea?
what's the point of cat grass?
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My cats chew on it all the time. They like eating plants and this gives them a safe outlet for that desire. I believe that provide a little bit in the way of nutrition. I've never heard that it will make diarrhea worse, but of course, if he has diarrhea more than a few times, I would take him in to the vet to make sure there's nothing physically wrong with him. I think the cat grass is great though - my boys just love it!
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I would take kitty to the vet...

Cat grass grown at home is benificial it gives fiber , chewing and digestion aid and other things...

could the grass come into contact with something toxic??
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I'm no expert but I doubt the cat grass will hurt him. I do think however, that he should see a vet. Did you recently change foods? Has he been checked by a vet for worms or parasites?

How long has he had diahrea? Personally, I would at least call a vet today and see if I could get him in.
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I agree: vet as soon as you can for the pooing problem...

As for the grass, it is very beneficial to kitties (especially indoor-onlys)... being inside, they have no source of ruffage (unless they get to your house plants, which isn't a good idea)... the cat grass is a safe and desirable option of ruffage for kitties... it helps them pass hairballs as well as digested food (its kinda like our salads - while lettuce really has no nutritional value to us other than water, it helps us pass our food more easily).... Oliver loooooves his cat grass and comes RUNNING any time I have a new pot ready for him... yes they can occasionally puke it up (a lot of times, they will puke it up the first time you offer it to them cuz they over indulge a little)... usually though if they're puking it's not because of the grass itself, but you may see some in the puke.... I get my seeds from www.poopsiecat.com (as suggested on this forum awhile back) - she has good prices, ships quickly and I find the gress from her seeds seems to last a good bit longer than anything I've ever purchased from pet stores....

So once you get your kitty's bowels under control, I'd offer him grass regularly (you can also ask your vet's opinion on this when you take the cat in)... good luck, hope everything gets cleared up!
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