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Don't you just hate it when . . .

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. . . one of your dozy beloved furballs disappears for 36 hours, then just walks in like nothing's happened :confused2

I have to admit that I worry like mad when one of my boys doesn't come appear at dinner/breakfast time because they love their food. I last saw Jimmy on Sunday evening - he went out after having his dinner. Last night we were out looking and calling for him, but he didn't turn up, so I was beginning to imagine the worst.

6.30 this morning - Jimmy jumps up on the bed and curls up with his brother like he's never been away - Aaarrrrggghhhhh - don't they realise what they put us through when they go walkabout??? He obviously hadn't eaten anything coz he gobbled his breakfast down so fast, I thought he'd make himself ill.

Sometimes I feel like keeping them inside, but we live right next to a park and they really enjoy sitting up trees, or in bushes, just watching everything that's going on; so if I did lock them in, I know they'd wreck the house trying to get out.

I'll be so glad when someone invents a tracking device for cats!!!

Sorry it's a long post - just needed to vent
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do you know there actually is a tracking device for dogs? i don't know if it can be uses in cats or not. i seen it on martha stewart. it's surgically inplanted in the dog and they can track him. in case he was to get lost, stolen, ect. i'm not sure if i agree with this or not. marthas chow had it done. hhhmmmmmm.
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I'd love to be able to track my pets if they went missing - it would save so much worrying - If only they could integrate the idea with the current microchipping, which only takes a couple of seconds to do and is virtually painless. Both my cats are chipped and all vets / police / animal rescue centres have the code readers. It's reassuring to know that if one of them was injured, I would be notified by the vets immediately.

I don't think i'd put my pets through surgery to get it done though.
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When Tumbowls came home he was well-fed and in great shape. I believe someone had him in their home and he finally escaped. I have one cat Cleo who vanishes for weeks at a time. I think he goes to the neighbors barns and helps rid their barns of vermin than works his way back home. A tracking device would be nice, but I would bet spendy. Not for the chip implanted, but for the tracker to locate the chip.
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Hi Hissy,

I can never understand people who just take cats in without trying to trace the owner - I used to have a gorgeous black fluffy cat, but he went walkabout and never came back. I have seen him a couple of times since, I think he now lives in a house a few roads up from me, but he's always too fast for me to follow him to see where he goes.

At the time, I had an older cat who could never get on with him and often hissed at him (probably why he decided to move out in the first place). It still would have been nice if the person that took him in had at least called me to let me know where he was, as my number was on his collar
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I have a little semi feral girl, Shandy, she likes to wander off for a couple days at a time, but last time she went for about 4-5 days, when she came back she looked thinner and sulky - I think she had been shut in someones shed, she still prefers to be outside but she stays nearer the house. It worries you though doesn't it!!
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