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I agree that Sweet November is a great tear jerker. But message in a bottle with Kevin Costner made me bawl!!!!! He was so sweet and caring in it!!!!!
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Originally Posted by lightninrod
All of y'all are so YOUNG so you've probably never seen the saddest movie of all times; "Gone With The Wind". That one makes this grown man cry.

Ooooh my favourite movie EVER!!!! We watched that again just last week - it was voted in Australia's Favourite Top Ten Movies a couple of months ago. Marvellous!
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant
I BAWLED my eyes out at Brokeback Mountain. My heart was just breaking for Heath Leger's character for the entire 2 hours or so.
Brokeback Mountain. Oh my. We saw that last night. I cried for an hour afterwards. My, oh my. What a movie. I think I'm going to go and see it again. It was heartbreakingly sad, and heartbreakingly beautiful, too.
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I don't cry very often when I watch movies. But "Life is Beautiful" always makes me cry
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I LOVE Two Tigers!!! But I have to have a kitten to hug whilst I am watching it

The one film that does it for me every time is The Joy Luck Club. My mother always knows when I have watched it because she complains that I am all over her!
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Oh yeah....What Dreams May Come....that WAS such a great movie!!!!!
I cry EVERY single time, whenever I see, Once Around with Holly Hunter Richard Dreyfuss and Danny Aiello... They are a young married couple and Richard Dreyfuss plays an impossibly pushy, obnoxious, and pretty clueless man, who just adores Holly (his wife). I've seen it 4 or 5 times, and at the end, just sob and sob and sob
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Originally Posted by jdpesz
I don't typically cry at movies, but The Passion of the Christ came closer than anything in recent years.
Me too. When the romans took Christ into custody, from that point forward i had a lump in my throat and fought tears hard.

"Somewhere in time" always got me choked.
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