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They might close the butterfly house :(

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When I was a child my favourite treat was to go to the Syon Park Butterfly house. Now it faces closure and the owner bankrupcy if they cannot find vital funds http://www.londonbutterflyhouse.com/

A hotel is going to be built on the grounds where it stood and there has been some problems with the relocation.

I had to write a story about this for the local paper I was doing work experience at and I am so sad The man who runs it is such a nice guy and I hate to think that children wont be able to see all the lovely butterflies and enjoy schools trips there any more

I hate the way big businesses are forcing out smaller companies. I'm sure we dont need another hotel. We are losing all places of charachter and becoming a 'starbucks' nation.
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Oh Nicky...that is really sad.
There is a place in Lansing near the University here in Michigan where they have a "Butterfly House"....but it is only a room less than 40' x40'....and even it was awesome! (After looking at the website on the London Butterfly House...the one in Lansing is tiny!)
Oh I hope they don`t close it...I`m sure many people have visited there and absolutely LOVED it.
Could you copy and paste your letter from here on TCS and and start emailing it to the people on your addy list, asking them to send it to others?
Maybe some will get it who have been there and would want to help...and you never know...maybe someone with LOTS of $$$ would step in and make a donation.
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Oh Nicky, that is such a shame. My Dad used to go there often because he used to be involved with breeding butterflies and moths and releasing them back into the wild. It's good to see that it has a reprieve until October this year. Hopefully, they will find the funds to keep it open permanently.
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I also used to love the butterfly house and went there as a child, also taking my daughter there. I do hope they manage to keep it open or at least relocate it somewhere practical.
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The email things a good idea!

I didnt think that anyone from tcs might have been there.

My article's been published! So i'll scan it in when I get a min.
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