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side effects of hormonal injections

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HELLO beloved cats lovers!

Does any one know about the side effects of the hormanal injections(COVINAN) that prevent the cat to get into heat?
I took my female cat(six months old) to the vet in oder to spay her, but the vet recommended the injections instead. As I got home I searched the internet t find out more about the drug, I freaked out when i saw what some cat breeders had to say about it! I would like a professional opinion about this drug. Is spaying more healthy for cats than these hormonal injections? Hopefully I did not make a mistake by allowing the vet to give her the hormonal shots.
I adore my cat. she s my baby.
Please, If anyone knows anything, or has a negative or positive experience with this drug on their cats, please help me!
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I guess my question is, why give her shots her whole life when you can take care of it with one simple, routinely practiced surgery? I'm not familiar with the hormone injections you speak of, but if it is similar to human birth control pills it isn't healthy to use them for your entire life. It increases your risk of certain cancers, etc. I imagine this hormone injection would be similar. Again, why did your vet say that you shouldn't get her spayed? I mean, there are actually positive health effects that result from spaying (reduced risk of ovarian cancer).
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I would say stay away.
Not that I have any experience with it, but I have had my own hormones manipulated and regret it with all my heart as I have never been the same.
And I have used Cheque drops on dogs (similar product) and none of them were ever able to conceive.

Is spaying uncommon in Romania?
It is very common here- it solves the problem for life and reduces the risk of certain cancers.
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I have read that Ovarid (a female hormone) can increase the risk of pyometra, don't know if it is the same drug though. I would push for her to be spayed though, it reduces the risk of at least 3 cancers, plus eliminates the risk of pyometra - all are life threatening. I would be tempted to print off a few articles on these things and present them to your vet - I wrote a little article on mammary cancer that is on here somewhere. Good luck, and please don't let him push the injections on you.
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sounds like your vet's just hounding for cash. it will cost you way more in stress and dollars to give monthly injections than it would to just spay her, and you'll have far less chance of side effects.
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It sounds like you need to have better communication with your vet. He should not mind any questions that you ask regarding your pets. If he does, then find another vet. I would not be interested in always having to give these shots to a cat when spaying would take care of it once and for all. Call and request a conference either in person or on the phone with the dr. who suggested it in the first place. Ask him his reasons and why you shouldn't just spay the cat and be finished. If it insults him, find another dr.
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I'd seriously question that vet's ideas

Why a vet would promote you use hormones to prevent the cat from coming into heat rather then spaying her I'll never know. Spaying is much more healthier.

And unspayed, unbred cat has a higher risk of cancer and pyrometria. Hormone shots would not prevent this. Only reason I can see giving one shot would be a cat the would not go out of heat long enough to be spayed (which would be pretty rare IMO).

I think I'd find a new vet and get your kitty spayed now.
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I would also question the vet's decision.

I have no idea what the side effects of hormones would be. I also don't know how much the injections would cost or how often you'd have to get them. I've never dealt with a cat in heat.....all my girls are fixed.

Unless you're a breeder and plan on breeding later on, why would he suggest this?? It's one of those "professional" decisions that should make you go hmmmmmm?? Is this more for my benefit and my cat or him?

If you spay her, it's a one time fee......problem solved and it's much better on the life of your kitty. But if you go with the injections, you have to keep coming back to his office and pay $$ and probably a visit for them...and in the long run they may/may not have a negative affect on your cat's health.

Maybe it's just my suspicious mind at work here... but maybe this vet is thinking more of the money he could lose if you spay her verses the cost of regular visits for the injections for how many years....who knows.
Is he making that decision in the best interest of your pet or his own?

But that's just me..... If he continues on with the same line, I'd talk to another vet
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thanx for yr sincere opinion. i thought of it yesterday and I came to the same conclusion... the ******* wants the money. I cannot imagine someone being a vet and thinking about his pockets more than of the health of innocent animals. well, nothing is too unimmaginable in romania.
thats it, hopefully she will not develop some terminal desease from just one shot.
What do you think would it be ok to spay her right away or to wait untill the effect of the injection are over? I have no idea. I searched for this situation but i did not find anything.

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hy everyone!
I posted yesterday a question about the side effects of the hormonal injections. I was misled by the vet to give my cat hormonal injections instead of spaying, but as I got home and read what a stupid thing I agreed with, I freaked out!
I decided that this was the first and the last injection she will get, so I decided that I am going to spay the cat. But my question is when should I do that?
Should I wait some time untill the effects of the hormonal injections are gone, or should I do it now?
I searched the net for clues but I did not find any!
Did someone confronted with this situation?
What should I do?
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Take her to a new vet asap .... if you have contact with the old one just state I dont agree with you philophys
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Don't inject hormones if not absolutely necessary! I've given my stud an injection with hormones (Promon) because he went absolutely mad, he was about to kill everyone (including med) so he had to be given somethin in order for us to be able to handle him.The hormones worked and he's back to his normal self, but he's lost fur on the neck... this due to the injection and this is one of the mild side effects.

For you who wonder... of course he''ll be neutered, time is booked but at the moment he had to be given something to calm hom down and completely drugging him down wasn't an option.
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