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When was the Last Time Your Computer froze up/hung up?

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It's a bit of a boring question, but I was just thinking about when the last time was for me and I can't remember, so it must have been a long time ago. How about you? I'm talking about a freeze up in the middle of a program, such as Photoshop, or while palying a game or whatever, not a total system failure where you have to re-install windows or format the hard drive.
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Do you mean crashing as in the computer just dying and not being able to use it untill you restart?? or when the screen is blue and its good bye to the mother board?
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my computer has never crashed
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Originally Posted by hadley's mom
my computer has never crashed
Neither has mine.

If we were discussing compters at work, my response would have been, "What time is it?"
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My computer died about a week ago.. it didn't want to be revived either.. had to format it and reinstall everything.. runs much better now.. and especially on Firefox now instead of Internet Explorer, the internet goes alot faster =)
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A little more than a month ago I had to reinstall Windows. My computer does it at least 3 times a year.
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About 2 months ago...I'm borrowing a friends pc til i get mine fixed
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Only ever happened once, and that was due to a complete drive failure, early last year.
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Never, yet, knock on wood....wait, this desk is fake wood. Does that count?
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It's been a good long while since the desktop crashed...I think the last time was in my sophomore year of college when I caught 4 viruses at once from the school network! That's when I decided to start rebuilding my old evil HP into a nice custom computer, which is what I have today!
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
Never, yet, knock on wood....wait, this desk is fake wood. Does that count?

My laptop that I used to have crashed over 3 months ago and it was beyond fixing - so I had to get a new one (which I love now!) Now i have a desktop and I it!

Lets hope that this one doesn't crash! (I'm knocking on fake wood too )
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Mine hasn't crashed yet, but it gets a flat tire on a regular basis. I delete cookies and TIFs almost daily.
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Mine has never crashed. Then again I don't visit all kinds of websites, and don't download unknown files or programs.
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What I meant was a freeze up where you either had to reboot the computer, or shut it of manually and restart it to get things back to normal, not a total failure. I've never had to reformat in my life. This can happen if you have too many applications open or a program has an error. I'll reword the question and reset the poll.
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wyan... the poll doesnt work!
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Yesterday, when I was trying to do my taxes online VERY frustrating!!!!! I finally got it done though, finally
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Never. I have had this computer for over a year and it has not ever once frozen up or crashed or so much as had a virus. The thing hasn't even slowed down and I've put over 40GB of stuff on it.

God bless Steve Jobs!! If you're wondering, I have a 12" G4 Apple PowerBook with Mac OSX Panther. 512MB RAM and 60GB Hard Drive. If you need a new computer, my advice for you is to run, don't walk, to your nearest apple store
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I can't remember the last time it did. Probably not too long ago.
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Well, this computer - which I just got from the shop after the old one decided to start clicking - never. But the old one I usually rebooted daily because of my low amount of RAM.

While I am at it, I'd like to thank the Academy -er -my friend Beth for giving me this computer which is a about 10 years younger than the other one.
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My laptop has a tendency to freeze about every 2 weeks, depending on what I do . The last time we had to totally format, reinstall etc. everything was just a few weeks ago, around Christmas
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When I'm at work its definitely "What time is it?"
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We kind of had a scare yesterday..the pointer wouldn't move. It has to be something wrong with the mouse, cuz it wasn't acting right the night before when I tried to crop pictures..I had just recently cleaned it, so it wasn't that. It just suddenly started working again after we restarted the computer & did all of this other stuff in a panic over a virus.
We occasionally get the blue screen, but it always because of some program conflict, we'll just restart it & it's fine.
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