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Observations on Alpha behaviour

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As some of you know, Ellie, who is my alpha cat, escaped and got mauled by dogs back in the summer and was totally traumatised. She lost her alpha behaviour completely, though none of the others really took over. I can only describe our house as anarchy over that time. But I have been observing over the last three or four weeks that Ellie has got it together again. It started with her wanting to jump up onto the highest point in any room - the top of the kitchen cabinets, the wardrobes, high bookcases etc. Several times she got marooned and had to be rescued! Then she began swatting the others if they displeased her and demanding that they held back while she ate. And they kowtowed to her again, which they had not been doing. Even grooming behaviour has changed, with the others very definitely 'asking' her to groom them by holding their heads low in front of her till she starts licking them. The other thing I am monitoring is that she has lost weight. She was always a very slinky cat, and never put on weight though she ate well. Then over the last few months she has been a really greedy pig and put on a lot of weight. She has lost it again and is back to her old shape. I don't know if cats often 'comfort eat' but it seems as though that is what she was doing and no longer feels the need. But I will watch and make sure she doesn't get too thin. At night she insists on sleeping right next to me and woe betide any other cat who gets in 'her' spot.

Anyway order is restored to the house, Ellie is in charge again, and all is well!
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That's excellent news, Jenny!! It certianly sounds like things will get back to normal completely!

Your observations were very good too!! I have been trying to figure out who is alpha in my home since Willow arrived and I will keep an eye out for the signs you pointed out!! So far, it appears that Molly has been a secret alpha for some time!
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